Capture Knowledge And Build Training Content From Slack

With the Trainual and Slack integration, you can create new training content, access your company’s need-to-knows, and share how-tos in real-time. All without leaving Slack.

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Capture knowledge in real-time

Capture knowledge as it comes up in conversation, using Slack actions. The new content is automatically added to your Trainual account, so your team remembers to build it out later.

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Get answers without interruptions using Trainual's Slack integration

Get answers without interruptions

With this integration, all your knowledge is instantly accessible. Quickly look up how your company does something from any Slack channel. No switching apps. No disruptions.

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Keep everyone on the same page

Trainual keeps your team aligned and accountable from anywhere – including Slack. If someone has questions about your policies or procedures, Slack them the training in just a few clicks.

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“The most helpful thing about trainual has been the hands-off approach to teaching our new team members about our culture, core values, and processes.”
Samara P. Operations Coordinator, The James Agency
“The best training, onboarding, and knowledge transfer tool on the planet.”
Tynan Allan Director of Growth,
“We use it to bring on new team members and build their foundation of knowledge. Trainual ensures everybody is getting the same information all the time.”
Tonya Kinney Operations Manager, Dorm Room Movers

Easily keep your team aligned and accountable

See why thousands of companies in 120+ countries use Trainual.

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