Delegation like you’ve never seen before.

Introducing: the Trainual Delegation Planner. Helping you determine where employees should — and shouldn’t — spend their time. So you can build a more engaged and productive team, optimize resource allocation, streamline operations, and so much more.

Map it out

Visualize who does what (and how well)

  • Determine who should be accountable.
  • Gauge employee responsibilities alongside their strengths, passions, and your company goals. 
  • Add up the time commitments of each responsibility to assess employee workloads.
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Drag & drop

Streamline delegation to save serious time and money

  • Delegate responsibilities to the right people
  • Organize your boards by people and groups for efficient delegation between people and departments.
  • Skip the complex spreadsheet. Just drag and drop to delegate.
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Show ‘em how

Build an engaged and productive team

  • Train your team on how to execute responsibilities — right where you delegate.
  • Connect training material to each responsibility.
  • Get everyone on the same page with the right way to do things.
Try the Delegation Planner

Figure out who does what as it evolves

So you can see what’s under control (and what needs to be delegated elsewhere).

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