Earn 10% recurring commissions

Are you a tech blogger, podcast host, social media powerhouse, or someone who just knows a bunch of people who might love Trainual?Β Become an affiliate and start earning by referring.

This is how you do it

Step 1

Join the program and get your referral link

Signing up is super easy! Just fill out the application on the PartnerStack platform (that's where we manage this affiliate program) and get your link once approved as a partner.

Step 2

Share your link with your network on social and more

Ok, spamming people on Twitter 8x/day is not going to move the needle. But including your link as a value-add in a email newsletter you manage, or on a podcast you host, now those are great ideas!

Step 3

Enjoy that passive income

When people you refer end up creating paid Trainual accounts, you'll get a piece of the pie. Yeah, 10% of whatever they pay Trainual for as long as they use Trainual - as long as you continue as an active affiliate each year.

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Earn 10% recurring commissions

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