Tell a compelling company story consistently

There's a formula for building an employee orientation so good you couldn't pay new hires to quit. Trainual helps you capture and structure everything that's special about your company in a way that gets everyone excited and on the same page.

Build the best first week

Customers say using Trainual for new employee orientation and onboarding has become a hiring differentiator—a reason to work for them—because people get set up for success in their role so fast and rave about the process. But where should you start?👇

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Your founding story

Why did you (or your founder) start the company, when, and how? Share some notable moments and take new hires down memory lane.

Next up

Mission, vision, values

What's your why? Where are you going and what do you stand for? Your team wants to know they got on the right bus.

Take notes

Your product or service

What does your company do, make, or sell? Who is your target audience or buyer? Ensure everybody knows your elevator pitch.

New company, who dis?

Intro to your industry, or competition

Who else is playing in your sandbox and what should people know about what makes you different or better? How big is your TAM (total addressable market)?

Fun features

If you're not gonna use these, you might as well stick to the boring old school paper manuals.


Launch the in-app screen recorder to document what you do as you do it.


Want 37 pieces of flair in your new employee orientation? Go nuts.


Easily embed company video content from YouTube, Vimeo, Wistia, & Loom.

Easy Integrations

Trainual syncs seamlessly with tons of work apps you already use. Like your HR and payroll system, your favorite messaging app, and thousands more.

Trainual's corporate policy management software integrates with Google DriveTrainual's policy management system integrates with Zenefits

Start faster with templates

Hundreds of templates for common small business processes and policies that you can add to your playbook in minutes.

Organize the chaos
of your small business