This trick could help you make more logical decisions at work

August 9, 2023

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Hot off the SMB press this week:

  • It’s the final countdown: One week until the Insider Summit!
  • Every SMB experiences growing pains. Here’s how to overcome them.
  • Want to take your emotions out of work decisions? Try this trick.
  • A policy template that outlines PTO, vacation, and working hour guidelines.


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Insider Summit - Last week to register

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How to overcome the pain points of every SMB growth stage

Man screaming "It hurts!"

I’m scared.
Sorry for the dramatics, but it’s better that you hear it from us first: Growing your small business is gonna hurt. (Bet you saw this coming from a mile away.)

Don’t get us wrong, it’s also exciting and fulfilling! If your goal is to scale your company, then you’re going to experience all the joys that come with reaching each new growth stage: adding more employees to your team, expanding to reach new audiences, hitting higher levels of revenue, and more!

That’s sounding pretty good to me — what’s the catch?
As you grow and scale, you’re going to hit some speed bumps — that can change depending on how large your team gets. These pain points range from limited resources to breakdowns in communication to changes in department structure.

AKA, issues that could seriously hold you back from growing further if they’re not handled the right way.

But there is good news: There are ways to overcome these common pain points. And certain tools can help you set up systems and documentation to make sure your growth path is as smooth as possible (*cough* Trainual *cough*).

What should I look out for if I have less than 10 employees?
Chances are good you have employees who wear multiple hats — and chances are even better that roles overlap so much that they have no clue who owns what. The solution: Have all company roles and responsibilities documented in one place, ensuring all employees have a clear understanding of their tasks. You can even create a role chart that maps it all out on one easy-to-read page.

Or maybe you have unclear processes that lead to unpredictable results. If that’s the case, you’ll need to standardize and document your procedures — helping you produce consistent and scalable outcomes.

👉 Find more ways to overcome growing pains.


Make more logical decisions using this simple strategy: Illeism.

Admittedly, I could be less emotional when making work-related decisions.
It can be hard to take your emotions out of the equation when you’re making a decision. After all, you’re not a robot. Your business is like your baby — and each decision you make can be detrimental to the direction of the organization and the hardworking team members who count on you to lead it to success.  

But these are all the more reasons it’s important to push those pesky emotions to the wayside when you’re making business decisions —  big or small. And science says a great way to achieve this logical path of thinking is illeism.

What’s illeism?
Referring to yourself in the third rather than first person. For example, if your name is George, you wouldn’t say, “I’m making a decision” — rather, you’d say, “George is making a decision.”

George is getting upset!

And before you tell us this is silly, take comfort in the fact that we’re not suggesting you do this out loud (though you can if you want to) — it can be all in your head! It’s simply a way to distance yourself from the situation at hand, allowing you to view it from a different perspective and more objectively.

Does it really work?
Yes! Studies have found that people who use illeism to work through their emotions and challenges are less stressed and anxious (both physiologically and mentally). Plus, when used regularly, it can lead to more willingness to consider outside perspectives and make smart compromises. One more bonus: It can even make you more intellectually humble.

Remember the more you practice using illeism when you think, the more easily you’ll be able to take a step back, widen your perspective, and tell your emotions to take a hike — to make better, more objective decisions.

👉 Learn more about illeism and decision-making.


Template of the week: Working Hours, PTO, & Vacation Policy

Working Hours, PTO, Vacation Policy template

Summer is soon coming to a close — which means you no longer have to answer your employees’ questions about how their PTO works, when they can take a vacation, and what they have to prepare before grabbing their suitcases and hitting the road.  

Okay, not really. Your hardworking employees deserve breaks — and that time off isn’t confined to the summer!  

Plus, with the Q4 season looming on the horizon, you can expect questions about holidays, personal time off, and more. That is unless you have all that information documented in an all-encompassing policy — one that can answer all your employees’ questions for you while you keep working on your biz unbothered!

👉 We’ve got you covered with our Working Hours, PTO, & Vacation Policy template. Add it to your Trainual account to share everything from expected working hours to the different types of leave your business offers. All it needs is your personal touch and it’s ready to share with your team.

Want more templates to help you build your business playbook? Check out our entire template archive of free, multimedia-enhanced, and customizable policy, process, and role starters. New to Trainual? Try for free.


This week's highlight reel

  • “Hey Google, run my business.” Ah, if only. While present-day Siri and Alexa can only complete pre-programmed tasks, Google and Meta are looking to equip future assistants with customizable technology that can plan your day, chat with customers, and even sell products and services. For now, the closest business-running AI you’ll find is one that documents business processes and policies for you. We’ll take what we can get.
  • Thanks a million. The U.S. administration announced they’re giving $125M to 43 small business accelerators that support entrepreneurs in underserved communities. Funds will be used to provide entrepreneurs with critical tools and resources to start or grow a business, create jobs, and thrive.
  • Can’t put a price on that. Unless we’re talking the dollar amount employees put on WFH life. A Stanford economics professor says that people view hybrid work flexibility as equal to an 8% pay increase. Might be time to stretch out those alligator arms and give the people what they want (when you can, of course).
  • Ruff day? It’s 5 o’clock somewhere. Time to kick back with your best bud and say cheers to the summertime. Just blend up a “pawgarita” for your pal. The viral booze-free, dog-friendly treat looks an awful lot like a classic marg. And it’s the best thing since sliced bread pup cups.

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