Tamara Kemper

Founder and CEO of The Process Mavens. Trainual Certified Consultant.

Hot tip from Tamara
Get really clear on where your business is going and what your vision is. Because that clarity will provide the rest of your team clarity on how their role fits into the business.
  • Masters Degree in Instructional Design from Arizona State University
  • The Kopp Award recipient from altMBA for generosity in helping others
  • One of the original 8 Trainual Certified Consultants trained in 2018
  • Member of Entrepreneurs’ Organization Accelerator (EOA) Arizona

About Tamara

Tamara Kemper and her team at The Process Mavens help rapidly-growing teams quickly build employee training & operations manuals so they can scale AND still stay a wonderful place to work. 

Tamara is a Teacher, Instructional Designer, and Operations Consultant whose secret mission is to help people find their “dream jobs.” Ones where they feel safe, valued, challenged, and fulfilled by their work. 

And as it turns out, a fantastic way to create “dream jobs” is to help humble, caring leaders who’ve already created a nourishing culture to clean up and document their processes and training so they can scale and create even more awesome jobs! (So that’s just what Tamara’s team of instructional designers and process nerds does every day!)

Tamara spent…

  • The first 7 years of her career leading wonderfully-diverse groups of small humans in the classroom.
  • The next 9 years leading rockstar teachers and instructional designers in the corporate EdTech world to build and support online courses and programs.
  • The last 5 years working 1-on-1 with dozens of businesses to get their teams aligned to their vision, their systems strengthened, and their training & documentation dialed-in so they could scale!

Tamara was one of the original 8 Trainual Certified Consultants trained in 2018 and even designed that original training. She holds a masters degree in Instructional Design from Arizona State University and was a recipient of The Kopp Award from the altMBA for “generosity in helping others.” She lives in Phoenix, AZ with her husband and kids and cares too much about broadway musicals and tacos.

Tamara's favorite templates

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