Is TikTok replacing Google search?

September 14, 2022

Ready for a blast from the past? Indiana Jones and Short Round, reunited after 38 years.

Hot off the SMB press:

  • How to support Hispanic Heritage month (without being cringe-y). 
  • Your SMB’s playbook for harnessing the power of TikTok.
  • 12 tips from startup leaders on effective decision-making.


It’s Hispanic Heritage Month. Here’s how your SMB can show support.

Tomorrow marks the start of Hispanic Heritage Month, a time where the U.S. recognizes the contributions made by the Hispanic and Latinx community to the history, culture, and achievements of the country.

And businesses play a large role in that. In fact, according to the Small Business Association, one out of four new businesses are owned by Hispanics, and these businesses contribute more than $800B to the U.S. economy every year.

As an SMB, what can I do to show my support?
Plenty! One simple way you show your employees and customers your business’ support is by turning to your social media feeds. According to LaterBlog, “well-crafted, researched posts go a long way in building trust between you and your followers.” You can provide facts and statistics that help educate your audience, or use some of that social real estate to lift up a fellow Hispanic/Latinx SMB or partner.

I’d love to also show support internally. Have any pointers for that?
Sure do. Showing your support for Hispanic and Latinx team members can go a long way toward making them feel welcome and included. But those efforts shouldn’t be relegated to just one month out of the year. Here are a few actionable things your SMB can do to show support:

  1. Launch a Hispanic/Latinx ERG. Employees resource groups are not only a great way to establish a sense of community, but they give team members a safe space at work where they can feel empowered to bring their best, authentic selves to the table.
  2. Get community input and share traditions. Involve your Hispanic and Latinx employees! Ask if they’d feel comfortable talking about some of their traditions, personal experiences, or family history. (But avoid tokenism — there’s a fine line here.)
  3. Arrange for a speaker or presentation. Reach out to your local Hispanic Chamber of Commerce or a community organization that can suggest speakers and topics that highlight the Hispanic/Latinx community.


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How your SMB can harness the power of TikTok today

You know it, we know it:
With over 1B monthly active users, TikTok is no longer just a social media trend for the younger crowd. Now, it’s a full-fledged marketing tool for businesses of all sizes — and it’s not too late for your SMB to jump on board.

In case you’re wondering if you need a TikTok account…
You should really consider it. Tons of businesses benefit from its ability to garner more exposure and connect with customers. Plus, it’s the number one app for driving purchases.

And, according to Google, 40% of Gen Zers prefer using TikTok and Instagram to search online versus Google. Meaning that if you want to reach a younger audience, TikTok is gonna be the best tool in your arsenal.

TikTok might seem intimidating, but once you get comfortable, you’ll be producing viral content in no time. Here’s how to get started:

  1. Create your account. Sign up as a business account to get access to marketing tools, engagement metrics, and running paid ads.
  2. Decide on your content strategy. Unboxing videos, teaching skills, behind-the-scenes (or, BTS if you’re with the lingo) — your possibilities are endless! Look into what other business accounts are doing (warning: the dangers of getting caught in the infinite scroll are real).

👉 Check out the rest of the steps.


Startup leaders spill their decision-making blind spots. Here’s where they went wrong.

Decisions are hard.
When you give your people autonomy, information, and the right tools, you can delegate decision-making to other leaders in your org. That way, decisions are made based on strengths and the whole team has ownership of them. Chances are good that if a problem is brought all the way up to you, it’s not easy to solve.

Small business leaders who recognized their own blind spots shared advice so you can avoid their same oversights when the ball is in your court.

Here’s how to make better decisions:

1. Give and receive feedback.
Deepa Tailor, founder and managing director of Tailor Law, admitted that before she adopted a feedback system, she wasn’t seeing the employee view of the decisions she was making. Now, she insists that gathering employee feedback (the right way) is the key to making not only viable and profitable, but also personalized, diverse, and inclusive decisions.

2. Test new things and pivot as needed.
According to Sara Martlage, customer growth manager here at Trainual, it’s important to have departmental alignment and collaboration via the right tools as you experiment. “With the right team members and accountability,” she testifies, “there shouldn’t be decision-making blindspots.”

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