Wendy Tadokoro

Founder of Organising Works. Business Systemisation Specialist.

Hot tip from Wendy
Documenting your business knowledge and processes is a team sport. Get your team involved in the transformation from chaos to control; that way, your team will value what they helped create.
  • Trainual Certified Consultant since 2018
  • Helping businesses in the UK,ย USA, and Australia to systemise for 10+ years
  • Self-certified productivity geek

About Wendy

Wendy works with small business owners internationally to transform and systemise their businesses. Many business owners are overwhelmed and exhausted from the relentless demands of running their business, and they struggle to put systems and processes in place. However, the business canโ€™t grow beyond the owner without proven systems that the team can follow.

Wendy created a framework that gets your business to work smarter by removing you from day-to-day operations. With teams having the processes and resources they need to work effectively, they thrive, customers are happy, and the business owner has the time and space to live the life they choose.

Wendyโ€™s previous career in corporate provided insight into how a systems-driven business can positively impact how the team operate and empowers people to be the best that they can be.

Wendy and her team help businesses to capture, implement and improve business processes and training.


  • Process documentation
  • Video processes
  • Process improvement
  • Playbook/Ops Manual build and design
  • Communication strategies
  • Continuous improvement strategies


Wendy's favorite templates

Trainual is the playbook for growing businesses. Onboarding, training, SOPs, and knowledge management made easy.