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What Is a Business Playbook? (And How to Use It to Scale)

Founders, leaders, and entrepreneurs looking to scale their businesses know that it all comes down to systems.

Creating systems—or as we like to call it, building a playbook—for your business makes it possible to successfully scale your teams, products, and services, and may even allow your business to change the world

So, let’s take a minute to break down everything you need to know about a building a business playbook: 

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What is a business playbook? 

A business playbook includes every process, policy, and standard operating procedure for every role and responsibility in your business. So your team can do their best work—consistently—every time.

The playbook is the specific, strategic how-to guide for how work is done in an organization, and with it, your team stays aligned, your people accountable, and your business can scale successfully.

Does my business need one? 

Short answer – yes, every business, regardless of size or industry, needs a playbook filled with all their documented policies, processes, and procedures to scale successfully. 

Championship sports teams win because they have the right players and a solid playbook. And scaling your business is no different!  

Of course, you need a roster filled with top talent. But you also need all your top plays documented so anyone can win in any position.

Business processes not documented

Without a playbook, you run the risk of your business looking less like a championship sports team, and more like your kindergartner’s soccer team, everyone running after the ball and crashing into each other. 

How do I build one? 

Consistently! (No, this is not a punchline.)

The most important part about building your playbook, whether you use Trainual or Google Docs, is to keep how you document, and what you document consistent. That way, anyone on your team can use the playbook and achieve the same results.

Check out SaaS Academy and founder Dan Martell’s actionable 5 pillars for building a consistent playbook here:👇 

How long does it take to build?

Building a playbook is an ongoing process. By leveraging an opportunity like the 10-day Playbook Challenge, your business can build a solid foundation for your playbook in less than 2 weeks. 

Yes, you will need to continue documenting your business. (Businesses have a lot of moving parts that people need to be documented, and this process likely won’t take just 2 weeks. 

But you can also start looking for opportunities where you can improve how your business does things. As you find better best practices, you will need to update your how-tos and need-to-knows to make sure your team is empowered to do their best work moving forward. 

But doing this doesn’t have to feel like a sprint toward the finish line. Instead, set aside an hour weekly to continue documenting your business or establish a monthly goal to improve a process monthly.

Pace building your playbook

Who should build it? 

Let’s get this straight first… just because you are a business owner or leader does not mean you need to build your entire company playbook all on your own! In fact, we highly suggest not doing this! 

Instead, invite each team member to document the tasks they are responsible for that keep the business running. This includes everything from hiring new people to debugging code to creating new ad campaigns. 

This will make building your playbook feel like less of a burden. But it will also ensure your playbook is filled with all the best and most accurate information regarding each role. I mean, seriously, who knows how to do something better than the people who actually do it? 

How do I start?  

We know, that sounds like a lot… because, well, it is! Not only do you have to document all your processes, policies, and procedures, but you need to keep them up-to-date moving forward. 

But you shouldn’t feel overwhelmed or like you have to do this all on your own. We’re here for you!

We have plenty of templates and even Dan Martell’s guide to help you start documenting your business right now! 

Or, better yet, take the 10-day Playbook Challenge! For 10-days, Trainual CEO Chris Ronzio will coach you through his patented Do it. Document it. Delegate it.™ framework, help you audit your documented processes, and walk you through building your business playbook. (And these 10 days will cost you less than one hour of your time… just saying).  

Still have playbook questions? Email them to We’ll get them answered and on here because chances are, someone else has that question, too!

Start building your business playbook today

Take the 10-day Playbook Challenge and start building the business playbook your team needs to win.

Take the 10-day Playbook Challenge!