Why Use Trainual Over Google Docs?


A perfectly organized set of Google Docs or Word Docs. Except, they would track exactly who has seen what and when.

You’d be able to add videos, GIFs, photos, screen recordings, and more, to anything that needs more explanation.

You could include tests to make sure that what you’re saying is perfectly understood.

And they would be connected intuitively to every unique role and responsibility in your business. In fact, all that content would be accessible by just clicking through people on your org chart.

Google Docs and Word processors don’t do that. Trainual does.

But G Docs are free

Yeah. And they are a great place to start. If you’re just getting going as a solopreneur or have a small team of a few key players, proactively documenting your operational how-tos in Google Docs is a good move.

But when you’re starting to scale, and you have more than one person in every department or job function, there's a point where the Docs break.

"Who has access? Have they read that? Is this up to date? What do they do? I know I asked you this last week but I forgot..." ‍
Sound familiar?

You know you're ready if...

- You need to consolidate your content into step-by-step processes and procedures that can be assigned to an individual and progress can be tracked and tested on within one system.

- Your content is a mess of cluttered chaos and it’s difficult for you or team members to find what you need when you need it.

-You're trying to standardize onboarding and streamline training so that people have consistent experiences and get up to speed faster.


Assign and track

Don't assume, assign. Automatically associate content with a role or responsibility then track completion and accountability.

Set permissions

"View Only" and "Edit" are not people-centric permission. Your business has admins, managers, teams, contributors, and more. So Trainual does too.

Beyond words

Build something better than a static doc. Create engaging elaborate training documentation as easy as, well, making a Google Doc!

Organize the chaos
of your small business