What Is The Most Important Aspect Of Running A Business? (The Ebattle Podcast)

CEO Chris Ronzio talks the most important aspect of running your business.

[08:06] - How Failure will help you to be a successful entrepreneur

If you can't find the silver lining or you can't find the lesson inside of failure and spin it into a positive or it doesn't cause a pivot that ends up being much more successful than the original failure was then you haven't figured out how to be an entrepreneur yet

[12:12] - Are you hesitant to build something amazing?

What hesitation do you have about taking on the same debt to build something amazing that is you have no restrictions of what you could possibly create. So I think it's just a way that you frame that investment in your head that it's not a loss. It's a, it's an investment in wherever you're headed.

[09:51] - Ryan G on fear of failure

The number one reason that people don't go after their dreams is that fear of failure.

[14:50] - Biggest mistakes of Ryan G in his early entrepreneur career

One of the biggest mistakes I made as an early entrepreneur or was trying to do things myself or choosing to do it the hard way instead of creating just a systematic kind of process.

[22:34 ] - I can do it better than they can

I can do it better than they can. Is not a mindset for someone that wants to scale because you can't do everything yourself, so you have to pick apart the things that you do and that you do really well and be able to communicate them to someone else.

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