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Utah Business: How We Scaled Our SaaS Startup

SaaS (software as a service) and content marketing have a few key things in common: they’re both overcrowded, oversaturated, and oligopoly markets.

In other words, the (few) rich SaaS businesses at the top (giants like HubSpot, Buffer, etc.) continue to expand their wealth, both metaphorically and literally. They dominate user reach and content rankings, leaving crumbs for the rest of us to fight over.

As you can imagine and have likely experienced yourself, scaling content and therefore scaling your SaaS business is an uphill battle. You need your content to rank high to drive traffic and brand awareness, but it’s increasingly difficult to climb the ladder, as keywords with even a minuscule volume are hoarded by sites with the highest performing domains.

You need more content. Better content. But you probably can’t spend $50 grand on it yet, either.

In this post, I’ll share two key lessons I learned about scaling content while serving as the head of content strategy at Codeless, a startup that’s grown from nothing to $70,000 in monthly recurring revenue in less than one year.

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