Trainual Wins 2nd In Phoenix Business Journal's Best Places To Work

We're honored to be awarded #2 in Phoenix Business Journal's Best Places to Work in the Micro Company Category.

Being considered one of the best places to work by our employees is something we strive for every single day. During this high growth period, it validates our efforts and makes us feel like we're on the right path in creating a culture that's truly special.

Check out the article in Phoenix Business Journal announcing all the winners:

This year, the Phoenix Business Journal's Best Places to Work event came with a musical theme, and the winners and finalists are truly maestros of putting together corporate culture.

With 100 companies honored, many of those that made the cut shared similarities with what they were doing to make workers want to come in every day. There were plenty of references to benefits, community involvement, staff team-building events and more, from this year's five size-category winners, including Quicken Loans and Chasse Building Team.

Where they differ is in how all those elements of their company's culture are crafted. Like bandleaders, company human resource directors are tasked with finding the right mix of benefits and involvement to cater to their crowd. And not every company has the same audience.

As is typical for a Best Places to Work, more smaller companies made the grade. But even those companies that applied and did not get selected are doing things to make their company's culture one where employees can be proud of what they are doing.

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