Trainual Launches Mobile App For Employee Training On-The-Go


Trainual is providing an instantly accessible and searchable way for employees to view company policies and training materials on their smartphones with a new mobile app.

SCOTTSDALE, Ariz., OCTOBER 1, 2019 -- Trainual, the leading modern training system for fast-growing companies, is announcing the launch of a new mobile app that will allow users to have access to training materials, company policies, and standard operating procedures in the palm of their hand. Users can now easily complete subjects, take tests, and search through process documentation from anywhere with the new app. The Trainual app is now available on the Apple App Store for iOS device users, and will soon be available for Android users as well.

When employees are in the field or in the middle of completing a task, they may not have the time or ability to access the procedural or training material that they need to reference. Often times this information may be left behind on a desk or a desktop computer. Not having access could lead to costly mistakes, hindering job success and negatively impacting employee satisfaction and retention. 

In keeping with today’s multigenerational workforce and trends in preferred content consumption, Trainual’s mobile app provides instantly accessible and searchable training material in the palm of your hand. Users can utilize the mobile app just like they would the Trainual desktop application by reading published subjects, marking items complete, and taking tests to prove their knowledge retention. Through beta testing, on average, users of the app were able to access and find company information 300% faster than on a desktop. Users simply log in to the mobile app using their Trainual account credentials. 

Strategy Analytics predicts that by 2022, 1.87 billion people will be mobile employees, making up 42.5% of the total global workforce. As the industry is trending toward more mobile employees and more mobile-first content consumption, Trainual recognized the need to have all of your operational information in the palm of your hand, whenever you need it.

“Trainual has been a web-based application from the beginning…until now,” said Chris Ronzio, Founder and CEO of Trainual. “What good is information about your company if you can’t easily access it? With the launch of our native iOS app, we’re putting your whole playbook in your pocket. The accessibility of your company knowledge is really important to us, and we see this app as an important first step.”

“The ever-growing expanse of features and integrations makes life in onboarding folks to new jobs, projects, and processes so much simpler,” said customer Aaron Spence, Growth Manager at Design Pickle. “I don't know what I would do without it.”

Trainual starts at as little as $99 per month for a basic plan with seats for up to 25 employees and offers a 14-day free trial for all new accounts. To learn more about Trainual, visit or download the app directly from Apple’s App Store.

Trainual is a leading online training platform that helps growing businesses organize the chaos of onboarding and training. The company is on a mission to make business easier by providing a simple, affordable solution for every size business to easily create interactive training manuals, build consistent, scalable processes, and test employees on their knowledge. In less than two years, Trainual has scaled to serve more than 30,000 customers in over 100 countries. To learn more, visit or download the app directly from the Apple App Store.

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