Trainual Becomes Go-To Digital Training Solution for Small Businesses

Trainual is disrupting the typical LMS business model of catering to enterprise companies by becoming a top-rated training and onboarding solution for small businesses everywhere.

SCOTTSDALE, AZ., July 8, 2019—Trainualthe leading training and onboarding tool, is disrupting the typical enterprise-seeking LMS by offering a simple, affordable alternative for small businesses looking to expand and scale. Used by thousands of companies across a variety of industries, Trainual allows them to document their policies and procedures in one simple, centralized place.

“Most learning management systems market themselves as the training and onboarding solution for enterprise companies. But those robust systems tend to come at a high price-point—one that doesn’t make sense when we’re talking about small business,” said Chris Ronzio, founder and CEO of Trainual. “Small business owners either don’t need the functionality that comes along with the typical LMS software, or they simply can’t fit the tool into their budget,” he added.

This is where Trainual bridges the gap. With a simple user interface and a pricing model that’s based solely on the size of a company, Trainual has quickly become the lead training tool for small businesses across a variety of industries and was just named in the top four FrontRunners® for Learning Management.

Users can instantly document SOPs, assign material to new employees for training, keep current employees updated on new policies and procedures, and keep track of what training their employees have already completed. By eliminating face-to-face training that breeds inconsistency, companies save time and money by adopting Trainual as a digital solution.

According to the Association for Talent Development, a company spends $1,300 on average per employee to train a new hire. To take that even further, the US Department of Labor reports that a new hire who starts a job, goes through training, and then quits or gets fired can cost the employer up to 30% of the employees annual salary. That’s an expensive setback that could be resolved by a streamlined onboarding process.

“Trainual is a software that was built after direct observation of the biggest pain points that small businesses face. My goal was to create an efficient, simple, and affordable solution just for them,” said Ronzio.

Trainual starts at as little as $99 a month for up to 25 employees and offers a 7-day free trial.

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About Trainual:

Launched in 2018, Trainual is a leading SaaS company that helps fast-growing businesses automate their onboarding and training by documenting every process, policy, and procedure in one simple, searchable, teachable system. In just over 18 months, the company has reached over $2M ARR, serving customers in over 80 countries. Trainual is on a mission to make small business easier by automating training manuals for busy companies around the world.


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