Trainual Announces Public Share Capabilities to Accommodate Needs of Small Businesses Roaring Back to Life Post-Pandemic


New Offering Gives Companies Recruiting Freelancers Or Hiring Remote Teams The Tools They Need to Onboard Easily and Securely

SCOTTSDALE, Ariz., April 14th, 2022 --Trainual, a leading SaaS platform modernizing the way businesses onboard, train, and scale their teams, today announced that it is releasing new "Public Share" capabilities designed to equip small business owners with the tools they need to remain competitive in today's hiring market.

With the Small Business Index score of 64.1 for Q1 2022 - the highest score since the start of the pandemic - it is clear that small businesses are growing. The number of freelancers in the US is also continuously rising: freelancers currently make up 36% of the country's entire workforce and are expected to exceed 90.1 million by 2028. Public Share gives Trainual's Scale customers the ability to share content and templates of their company's best practices with anyone they choose, making it easier than ever to work with contractors and freelancers that may not be W2 employees.

β€œThere’s a phrase - 'it takes a village' - that I think sums up how small businesses across the world operate. Businesses don’t succeed without early employees chipping in and doing whatever it takes, or without a community of family, friends, coaches, mentors, and peers lifting them up to make the early company work,” said Chris Ronzio, Founder and CEO of Trainual. β€œWhen I built my first business, I relied so heavily on peers sharing how they do things β€” employee handbooks, onboarding processes, standardized procedures. With Trainual’s new Public Share feature, we’re letting thousands of businesses open up how they do things to help support the development of other companies, because that’s how we all get better.”

Whether pre-boarding new employees on internal work-from-home or COVID policies or knowledge sharing with contractors and freelancers as part of the onboarding process, Public Share is a solution built for small businesses in response to the changing needs of the American workforce. In addition to making vital internal policies shareable, Public Share gives users the ability to choose whether or not a subject that you built can be duplicated and edited, so that companies can make their own - something that's key when it comes to leveraging the learnings of other businesses, and in line with how networking has evolved since the onset of the pandemic.

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About Trainual:

Trainual, the world's first business playbook software, transforms the way small businesses onboard, train, and scale their teams. With its affordable and easy-to-use platform, organizations can dramatically reduce the time it takes to get employees up to speed while making every need-to-know instantly accessible from anywhere in the world. Thousands of small businesses in over 180 countries build their business playbooks and grow their teams with Trainual.

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Michelle Harris
Kel & Partners