Trainual Announced As RE/MAX Approved Supplier

We're excited to formally and publicly announce our official partnership as the go-to onboarding supplier for RE/MAX!

The RE/MAX Approved Suppliers program is a list of vetted companies providing business services to the RE/MAX network. With over 100 participating companies, the program is one of the largest of its kind in the real estate industry.

The announcement positions Trainual as the go-to training and onboarding software for RE/MAX brokerages and connects Trainual to a network of more than 120,000 real estate professionals around the world. Brokers and agents alike can now easily access brokerage unique operational information using the Trainual desktop and mobile applications.Β Β 

Through working with a handful of brokers already using Trainual, we've been told that agent attrition continues to be one of the biggest hurdles faced in the real estate industry, and brokerages are consistently facing high turnover.

The lack of adequate onboarding, training, and preparation for success as an agent in the field holds much of the blame for this problem. Most new agents leave real estate school unequipped with the knowledge and confidence necessary to succeed out in the field.

Although Trainual is an industry-agnostic tool, we've always naturally gravitated toward use in the real estate industry. It made sense to continue to expand into this area by partnering with RE/MAX on this vendor program, hoping to make a difference in brokerages around the world.

β€œWe’re looking forward to helping RE/MAX brokers be more efficient with their time and reduce historically high agent turnover rates,” said Chris Ronzio, founder and CEO of Trainual.

With Trainual, any broker who signs up can utilize starter templates built by top RE/MAX professionals to document every process, policy, and procedure their agents need to know.

All of this information can now be presented in a clearly organized, centralized, and consistent way. Brokers will now be able to seamlessly onboard, train, and empower their agents for success, thereby lowering attrition rates.

According to Inman, in 72% of brokerages, the broker or manager is independently responsible for training. With over 8,000 offices and more than 120,000 agents worldwide, Trainual will save RE/MAX brokers both time and money by streamlining the onboarding, training, and operational knowledge update process.

"From day one, our goal is to help our global network of real estate agents succeed," saidΒ Joey Glenn, Director of Strategic Alliances for RE/MAX. "Onboarding is a crucial step in setting up new teammates to utilize all the benefits of the brand. Trainual makes that process simple and effective for both brokers and agents."Β 

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