The Top 7 User On-boarding Tools To Grow Your Business and Improve Your Conversion Rate

There are times when you really wish you had just a bit more precision in your onboarding process or the ability to create more of a training system that brings all the benefits of a good user experience to your employees.

We’ve got you covered!

What if you had all the benefits of a detailed employee or user manual, but could see precisely how your employees or users interacted with it from an educational-based standpoint? You can embed nearly any type of content intoΒ Trainual, then add your team, and see where they may be struggling with material. You can also segment users so that they only see the training they need to and are gated off from the rest.

In addition, Trainual will show you who completed what and when. See how far users or employees progressed in their training and email them a gentle reminder that there are new documents, videos or other files to learn from.Β Β  There’s an internal knowledge base too, so if they get stuck, they can always reach out and ask questions while other employees step in and lend a hand.

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