The Effective Founder Podcast: Chris Ronzio Of Trainual

Today, I’m talking with Chris Ronzio, the Founder and CEO at Trainual, a B2B SaaS startup that makes it easier than ever to onboard, train, and scale knowledge for growth.

I first heard about Chris on The SaaS Podcast with Omer Khan and was blown away after hearing that Chris and his team scaled Trainual from zero to $2 million ARR in just 18 months using Facebook ads.

The allure of paid advertising is obvious—put a dollar in and get two or more back.

If only it was that simple.

We know how hard it is because of how many horror stories there are out there about failed attempts. Most of us have moved past the old “Facebook ads are dead” cliché, but what’s replaced it isn’t much better— "Facebook ads don’t work for B2B” or “Facebook ads don’t work for my business.

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