SaaS AdLab Podcast Ep. #21: Trainual Founder, Chris Ronzio

We're happy to announce Trainual founder and CEO Chris Ronzio as the featured guest for episode 21 of SaaS AdLab podcast.

Tune in to learn:

  • Whatย Trainualย all about, and howย Chrisย was able to create a product by finding opportunities in the spaces in which he found clear deficiencies in while growing and operating his other company which helped small businesses.
  • The logistics of teaching people what they needed to do in order to complete a job/task was extremely time-consuming and Chris found himself training over and over again and it was usually repetitive tasks that simply needed to be streamlined to become efficient and scalable.
  • How being around software and keeping an eye on what the bigger players in the space are doing helped Chris understand more about how SaaS companies worked and operated.
  • The excitement that came when people would sign up and Chris didnโ€™t know who they were. Essentially this led to understanding one (very important thing), there is product validation and there is a definite need in the market.
  • How Trainual uses multiple types of onboarding, while also using the tool to teach the tool. However, people can (for the most part) choose their own way to go through product onboarding.
  • The reason why there are multiple ways to do one thing is to be able to understand what works best and refine it.
  • How paid advertising has been the most successful marketing tactic for acquiring recurring customers and scale predictably.
  • Why if Chris could do anything for Trainual it would be along the tag line โ€œGet your business out of your headโ€.

๐Ÿ‘‰ The interview was recorded by theย Fantรดm Agency.