Medium: 10 Companies Leading The Remote First Revolution

Originally published by @Roamy on Medium.


With all of this chaos surrounding the Coronavirus, nearly everyone who can work from home is working from home. This proves that the job your boss said can’t be done from home can absolutely be done from home. But it might be a struggle and that’s because your boss never intended to allow employees to work remotely and is now scrambling to put those pieces together.

In our modern era, working remotely should be a choice the same way taking company healthcare is a choice. It should be optional and not looked down upon. We need to remove this stigma that working from home is an excuse to be lazy or less productive than working from the office. There certainly are people who prefer to work from the office, but if an individual feels confident that they’ll perform better working remotely- that person should have the right to do so. Holding your employees hostage is no way to run a business.

With that being said, there are a number of companies who are taking it upon themselves to change this narrative.

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