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Catch our founder, Chris Ronzio, on episode #1245 of The Top!

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Episode Time Stamp Notes:

01:15 – Nathan’s introduction to today’s show

02:15 – How Trainual is helping companies create systems that scale

02:50 – Why the average customer is paying the $95 per month today

03:10 – How they price on a per seat basis

03:30 – Why Trainual was built out of an internal tool his agency used

04:20 – How they transitioned from their consulting business that was doing $1M annually

05:00 – How Trainual has scaled to 9 full-time employees

05:25 – Why just under 600 customers are using their platform today

05:50 – How they are approaching $60k in MRR right now

06:10 – Why they’ve used a myriad of different channels to grow their business

06:50 – How they pay a 20% commission to affiliates in perpetuity

07:20 – Why they decided to do a Product Hunt launch

08:30 – Diving deep into their conversion numbers

10:00 – How they measure usage and create stickiness

11:00 – Why churn is Trainual’s biggest struggle today

11:30 – How they are churning 4% of their revenue each month

12:20 – Why it costs them less than $300 to acquire a new customer

13:10 – How Chris views raising capital and holding onto equity

15:00 – Chris Ronzio’s favorite business book

15:10 – CEO Chris Ronzio follows

15:15 – Chris Ronzio’s favorite online tool

15:30 – Average hours of sleep per night

15:50 – If you could let your 20-year-old self know one thing, what would it be?

Famous 5

Last business book read?—Rework

What CEO do you follow?—Clate Mask

What is your favorite online tool?—Strava

How many hours of sleep do you get?—7

If you could let your 20 year old self know one thing, what would it be?—Set bigger goals

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