Important COVID-19 Update From Trainual

To our customers and community locally and globally: 

As of last week, we have encouraged our team to work from wherever they feel most safe. And almost all of our team members have decided that it’s best if they work from home for the time being. This is obviously a fluid situation, so we’ll be monitoring and adjusting our plans and timeline accordingly. 

But we have also come to realize how privileged Trainual is to transition to exclusively remote work, and not have it impact our product or customer experience. This is, unfortunately, not the case for many businesses that lack the policies, tools, or internal resources to make this transition seamlessly. And as such, these businesses might be highly threatened by the need to transition unexpectedly to working remotely. 

Our product is a tool centered around connecting teams working from a distance, keeping them informed, secure, and confident in their roles. As such, we believe that it is our responsibility to help businesses keep their teams (virtually) together during these frightening and highly uncertain times. 

Our first action will be to make our product more accessible, starting by publishing many of our resources and knowledge publicly. By better equipping businesses, we hope to alleviate some of the emotional, cultural, and economic burdens they face throughout the pandemic.

So far, our efforts include: 

  • Providing free Trainual access to enrolled students here
  • Supplying schools (that apply before May 1) with free lifetime Trainual accounts here
  • Equipping nonprofits actively focused on the fight against COVID-19 with free lifetime Trainual accounts here. Plus, of course, 50% off Trainual for all other nonprofits here 
  • Free access to our in-app templates to help you build out and communicate your company’s Emergency Action PlanWork From Home Policy, and COVID-19 Response Procedures
  • A living, public compilation of all the top articles, videos, templates, and tools available for transitioning businesses to remote work in a free directory here
  • Complete transparency on our journey navigating the changes brought about by COVID-19 here

Our utmost concern is that everyone is armed with the information and tools necessary to stay safe, healthy, and informed without disrupting business as usual. And we vow to continue sharing resources as quickly as possible and for as long as necessary. 

On behalf of the Trainual team, 

Chris, Trainual CEO