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Forbes: Want To Attract The Right Clients? Try These 10 Strategies

When looking for clients, you may be tempted to cast a wide net to increase the potential for success.

However, this can be a defeating strategy if you aren’t careful—some clients just aren’t a good fit for a business, and vice versa. That’s why it’s important to focus your search on clients who could potentially be a good fit for you.

We asked members of Young Entrepreneur Council to share the strategies they employ to narrow down their target audience and attract the right clients. Their top 10 tips are below.

You don't want every client. You don't want most clients. So, use your contact form to discourage the wrong clients from even completing the form. When I was consulting, I incorporated disqualifier questions like, "Which area of your business is the largest pain point right now?" If the prospect chose "finding more customers" or something marketing and sales-related, they weren't a fit for my operations consulting services, so the form would end early and suggest a few better resources for them to check out. Don't be afraid to send business away. A narrow focus on your product or service is a magnet for more of the right customers. - Chris Ronzio

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