Forbes: 9 Tactics For Getting Your Business Noticed

Networking is at the core of a successful business. Creating strong relationships between a business and partners, investors, and customers is what helps propel a company toward success.

But entrepreneurs, especially new ones, can have a hard time knowing how to best approach building awareness of their brand, or encourage people to connect and engage with their company. After all, there are a lot of methods that can work well, particularly if done in tandem, but there is only so much time or energy available in any given day.

To find out more, we asked members of the Young Entrepreneur Council to share some useful approaches for establishing rapport with investors, partners, or customers, as well as how these strategies can help build brand awareness. Here is what they said:

People these days are overthinking themselves. Everybody is so caught up with their messaging, what others think of them, the what-ifs of a letdown, and they get too deep into the perfectionist pondering of “how-to” that they never pull the “try” trigger. Networking and building brand awareness are easy. Just start. Reach out! Find the 100 people you'd most like to meet and just send them a DM on Instagram. Didn't hear back? Follow up! Models, CEOs, singers, photographers—they are people too. So just start reaching out and connecting with them like a human, not some overpolished, over prepped PR pitch of you. - Jonathan Ronzio

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