CoPartnr: Top 10 Reasons Trainual Is The Training Tool For Businesses

Over the course of my professional career, I have had the opportunity to work for organizations both incredibly large and very small, across diverse industries, and of varying ages.

Among these roles, I have performed consulting functions, business process reviews, procedural enhancements, and developed overall understandings of how organizations function. Throughout each organization and role that I have encountered, I have consistently received feedback on the lack of documentation for employee training that exists.

Whether a process has gaping β€œblack holes” of missing knowledge or there are business system functions that nobody quite understands, almost every organization has a degree of business that is almost β€œlost” due to an absence of documented process.

In this reflection, I have seen a multitude of solutions proposed, leveraged, and implemented across these organizations to help bridge this gap, but the one upon which I have most recently stumbled is one that I believe can help reduce the loss of knowledge and reinforcement of training at a reasonable cost...Β 

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