Sync digital how-tos to real-world objects

Trainual Tags™ turn everyone into an instant pro by making your SOPs accessible anywhere. Watch the video below for an overview of our newest innovation, learn how they bring the power of Trainual to your everyday workspaces, then set some up for yourself!

Get creative with where and how you use Tags

Trainual Tags™ provide instant access to your documented processes. So go ahead and tag whatever work equipment, office supplies, or physical spaces you want, and make Trainual content easily accessible wherever, whenever.

How to use Tags

  1. Create and publish content in Trainual
  2. Download the Trainual mobile app on iOS or Android
  3. Open the app and find content to pair with a Tag
  4. Click the Tags icon in the top right corner of a Step
  5. Touch the top of your phone to the tag for pairing
Now stick your Tag wherever it makes sense to surface that content to anyone who needs it! Easy as pie 🥧

Ready to set up your Tags?