🔥 What a viral TikTok gets wrong about job promotions

May 8, 2024

"When you explain a new process to an employee and they say they have no questions."

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For your reading pleasure:

  • A process template for making lateral moves with an internal job application.
  • Why (and how) you should use LinkedIn to build up your brand.
  • Creating tests automatically from video training.
  • And does kindness and hard work really hold you back from promotions?


Template of the week: Internal Job Application Process

Internal Job Application Process template from Trainual

You’re a good people leader — you guide your team through the successes and challenges of the industry, provide them with the resources they need, and support them as they look to grow and thrive in their roles. 

So, what do you do when they want to pursue a new open role in your org — one that’s diverse from their current role and something they’re eager to explore?

👉 You pump your fist, say “Go get ‘em!” and offer this Internal Job Application Process template (with your business’ unique details, of course). It covers everything your employees need to know about making moves across your business — and how to make it happen for themselves.

Check out our entire template archive of free and customizable policy, process, and role starters. New to Trainual? Get a demo.


Leveraging LinkedIn for a better brand

"Are we like local celebrities?"

No cameras, please.
If you’re not at this point yet, you could be soon. How? Four words: Thought leadership on LinkedIn.

We can hear your protests from here: “Thought leaders only come from big-name companies!” “My customer audience is on another platform!” “I can’t handle the pressures of celebrity and fame!”

Let us ease your worries: 1) You’re a business leader for a reason — one with valuable insights to share. 2) Just because your customer base may pop up on other social media, they still have professional lives — and will likely hang out on LinkedIn, too. 3) There has never been a “LinkedIn influencer” Jumbotron shout-out at an NBA game. You’re probably safe.

Plus, we’re talking about some big benefits, like improving your credibility online — which in turn, makes your business more trustworthy. We hear cha-chings in your future.

Okay, that’s persuasive. How do I do it, then?
Here are five tips for building your brand on LinkedIn:

  1. Try to post three to five times a week. 
  2. Use emojis. The people love emojis.
  3. Don’t stick to just text. Add images, videos, slide decks — even memes!
  4. Try to use the same structure for each post, one that will drive people where you want them to go (like your company website).
  5. Increase discoverability with three to five relevant hashtags.

(Just avoid becoming this guy.)


Here’s the easiest way to test your team on video comprehension 

Let’s say it’s time for you to learn something new. Would you rather experience:

  1. Blocks of text.
  2. Text mixed with some fun, engaging videos. (Popcorn optional.)

Unless you’re allergic to fun, we’re guessing you voted for the latter option. (And we both know your employees would choose the same.) 

But you want to make sure your employees retain what they learn through your videos, right? So, let’s talk about the easiest way to create a knowledge check based on your video material.

Trainaul tips on creating tests for video comprehension

Step 1: Find the transcript for your video.
After embedding your video into your subject, navigate to where your video lives online (Loom, YouTube, etc.) and grab the transcript. Then, paste it into your subject. 

🔥 Tip: Create a step called “Transcript” that you can keep for your team’s reference or delete after this process.

Step 2: Auto-generate a test.
Then, create a new test and click “Auto-generate test”. AI will pull all the information it needs from the transcript you pasted in your subject to create a 10-question, multiple-choice test. Huzzah!

👉 See this process in action.

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Is expertise and kindness keeping you from a promotion? 

This viral TikTok with 8M views suggests that yes — if you’re good at your job and a pleasure to work with, you’ll never be promoted out of a position where a lot of the hard work exists.

"I don't see any promotions for the last 8 years."

The thought is that promoting your high performers could ultimately hurt your bottom line because getting another right person for that role is just too hard. (Maaaybe we’d agree if you didn’t have Trainual…)

But what does research say?
Thankfully, research shows that those who check in with peers, pick up the slack for others, and actively celebrate others’ accomplishments were actually 40% more likely to get a promotion. Plus, it shows that folks who move from a medium to high-performance rating are 27% more likely to get a promotion. 

Phew. How can I make sure my team knows we value high performance and kindness?
Start by promoting kindness from the top down — through rewards and conversations. For example, if you see somebody acting compassionately, call it out in a positive way. 

Here at Trainual, we have a Culture & Values training — one core value being “Carry the groceries.” In other words, carry the extra weight without being asked. Then, every quarter, our company awards an employee who went above and beyond to represent that core value (and our other five values!).

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