Turning your networking strategy into a well-oiled process machine

December 7, 2022

Thanks to Spotify Wrapped, we now have solid proof that T. Swift has been our number one artist for three years running. But you know what we really want? DoorDash Wrapped. How many times did we order those wings from Sal’s instead of cooking, huh, DoorDash?

Hot off the SMB press this week:

  • Applying systems and processes to your networking strategy.
  • A guide for small businesses looking to level up their social media game.
  • Small business advice in 10 minutes or less.

But first, here are some headlines that caught our attention this week.


This week's highlight reel

  • It’s alive! Remember those wild and wacky inventions you thought of as a kid (or, you know, last night at 3 a.m. Thanks, brain.)? Well, one business wants to bring your innovative ideas to life — and help you sell them for a profit. Meet Quirky, a company that pairs you with manufacturers that can build and sell your product ideas.
  • Sorry for (not) party rocking. A Parisian man who was fired from his job for **checks notes** refusing to drink excessively and indulge in promiscuous activities with his co-workers, won his court case when a French judge ruled that companies can’t fire their workers for failing to be sufficiently "fun." And you thought your office holiday parties were lit.  
  • Just call them “Master Splinter.” There’s a new entry in the creative job title arena: “rat czar.” New York City’s looking to hire someone to develop strategies, manage projects and lead teams against the city’s rodents. The director of rodent mitigation (as the position is officially known) will get paid up to $170K a year.


Why you should systemize your networking strategy

A woman on the phone saying, "I'm networking."

Ah, networking.
Love it or hate it, developing relationships with other people in your industry plays an important part in scaling your business. Networking allows you to:

  • Connect with other industry experts and form relationships with potential new partners.
  • Find new customers and clients. 
  • Open yourself to bigger and better opportunities.

But the art of networking can be a tough nut to crack.
The more introverted among us (no shame!) can find networking challenging and exhausting. And even the most naturally charismatic people in the room can find that winging it at networking events doesn’t produce the same results each and every time.

So, how do you win at networking?
Trainual certified consultant Adi Klevit of Business Success Consulting Group has the answer: Systemize your networking strategy. By turning your networking efforts into a repeatable process, you can connect with more people in an authentic way. Here’s how:

A system will help you focus on building relationships.
“When you systemize something, it actually allows you to be more creative,” Adi said. “And [then you can] concentrate on what matters — building the relationship.”

When you already have a system for determining which networking events to visit, how to prepare beforehand, and when to follow up, all you have to think about is the person in front of you. You want a systemized strategy for networking so you can have a structure that allows you to be fully present in those relationships.

Consistency is a superpower.
When you’re prepared and you have a process in place, you can provide the same, practiced experience every time. And presentation is important in making a good impression, especially when it comes to business.

Plus, not everybody feels comfortable networking — homebodies unite! — so the more you practice this systemized approach to networking, the more comfortable you’ll feel with networking overall.

👉 Here’s three actionable steps to building your networking process.


How small businesses can use social media to compete in the marketplace

A woman saying, "Luckily my 6000 followers are primed and ready."

Let’s talk social media…
But take it from Tom Keiser, CEO of Hootsuite — small businesses are in a good position to wield the power of social media to their advantage. And that’s incredibly relevant at the moment. According to recent research, the number of small businesses in the U.S. topped 33.2M — a 2.2% increase over the previous year.

It’s hard to know where to start.
That’s fair. The social media landscape can feel like the wild wild west sometimes (“what’s the newest trend on TikTok, and is Snapchat even a thing anymore?”). Here are some of Tom’s social media marketing tactics for small businesses looking to drive sales this holiday season:

1. Differentiate yourself from big box retailers.
Give your audience an intimate peek into your business: Share your origin story, provide a behind-the-scenes look at how your business runs, and establish yourself as part of the same community as your customers. Making your business personal automatically gives you an emotional edge over the big dogs.

2. Capitalize on “buy local” campaigns.
Join forces with other local small businesses and kick off a “buy local” collab campaign where you promote each other on social media and engage with each other’s content. That way, you’re tapping into two audiences at the same time and maximizing your reach.

👉 Check out Tom’s other 3 tactics.


This week on Organize Chaos

Things you can accomplish in 10 minutes:

  • Acing Wordle (in four attempts or less, right?). 
  • Tackling that annoying chore you’ve been putting off for a month (you know the one). 
  • Seeing your small business in a whole new light.

That last one comes courtesy of (drumroll, please): Organize Chaos. Throughout the week, founder and CEO of Trainual, Chris Ronzio, offers up entrepreneurial and small business leadership advice on the podcast, covering everything from people to processes to productivity — and how to organize your life around it all. The best part? Each bite-sized episode is less than 10 minutes.

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