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June 12, 2024

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For your reading pleasure:

  • The how-to template for collecting customer testimonials.
  • A review campaign strategy to revamp your business ratings online.
  • How this company trains their 700+ employees across multiple locations.
  • And how to tackle burnout for cross-departmental employees.


Template of the week: Collecting Customer Testimonials

Collecting Customer Testimonials Process template from Trainual

Raise your hand if you have everhecked testimonials before purchasing something online. 🙋

So, it makes sense that your potential customers would do the same for your business, right?

That’s why it’s crucial that you start showcasing your customers’ experiences through testimonials. And by setting up a documented process, you can streamline and automate this part of the customer lifecycle.

👉 But why start from scratch? Use our Collecting Customer Testimonials Process template and get this documentation out to your team fast. 

Check out our entire template archive of free and customizable policy, process, and role starters. New to Trainual? Get a demo.


This strategy could transform your reviews — and get you more customers

Fact: Most businesses need online reviews.
Why? Because 85% of consumers trust online reviews as much as personal recommendations. And that means great reviews will help you build trust and attract more potential customers.

Woman saying "Five star treatment."

But just having great products and services isn’t getting you more reviews.
Don’t get us wrong — your products and services will be the main reason for your high ratings. But to actually up your review count and reach for that coveted 5-star rating, try implementing this review campaign strategy:

  1. Find a feature worth bragging about. No need to play coy: Your business absolutely has a favorite child. AKA, the one that your customers come back for and constantly rave about. 
  2. Give your employees a reason to ask for reviews. For every purchase or experience with your business’ most popular feature, get your team members to ask customers for reviews — with incentives attached. Perhaps that looks like offering monetary rewards per review or setting up a points system. Whatever you decide, this will help motivate your team to reach out to more customers about leaving reviews.
  3. Work as a team. While offering rewards for collecting reviews can make your strategy seem individualistic, be sure to emphasize the mutual benefits and importance of the campaign for the entire team — and company as a whole. You’re all in this together!


How a centralized training solution helped this company maintain consistent processes

Fun Town RV Trainual account

Once upon a time, RV dealership Fun Town RV didn’t worry too much about documenting their policies and processes. After all, they only had one location and a handful of employees to keep it running. 

But, as they quickly grew to become the nation's #1 towable RV dealer with over 22 retail locations (hey-yo!), each individual location started doing things their own way. (Hello, inconsistencies… and consequenting operational issues.) Not to worry — Trainual came to save the day!

Here are some of Fun Town RV’s favorite features in Trainual:

  • Assign content to specific roles and locations. As a growing team with lots of employees wearing multiple hats, they love that you can give everyone access to a policy or process, or make it mandatory for some and not for others.
  • See who’s completed what training. Robust reporting gives managers a flexible way to view individual employee training progress and hold everyone accountable for completion — so you can’t have an employee who doesn’t do their training.

👉 Wanna see how they maximize their account? Take a peek inside.


How to prevent burnout for cross-departmental employees

We all know the ones.
The go-getters, the busy bees, the smartest people in your business (besides Trainual, of course). They’re the go-tos for any collaboration across teams, departments, divisions, you name it — they improve performance and innovation, especially across teams that would be siloed otherwise.

These intermediary employees are also more likely to experience burnout.

Distraught man thinking "This is too much."

Nope, don’t want that.
Exactly — the last thing anyone wants are exhausted employees. But we also don’t want to lose the benefits of this cross-team collaboration. So, here are three strategies to maintain engagement without burning out your team:

  1. Create roles that have cross-silo collaboration as a main responsibility. Rather than assume someone will pick this up on top of their already busy role, delegate it as a crucial responsibility (the Delegation Planner can help with this 👀).
  2. Provide necessary resources. Lacking the proper tools can exacerbate burnout. So, make sure your cross-departmental roles have exactly what they need to help with collaboration, including comprehensive training in role-specific areas like communication and project management.
  3. Develop frequent check-ins and opportunities to decompress. Working with multiple teams and departments is a lot of work. Be sure to incorporate regimented manager check-ins, and reemphasize the importance of work-life balance (which, let’s be honest, is crucial for all employees in avoiding burnout).

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