How this viral TikTok could save your onboarding process

January 24, 2024

It's just not Kenough.

Hot off the SMB press this week: 

  • A template to ensure your new hires start their first day with a bang.
  • How you can avoid onboarding nightmares.
  • An inside look at how this Trainual customer trains on new software.
  • Consider implementing these generative AI platforms at your business.


Template of the week: New Employee Post-offer & Pre-start Process Checklist

Hiring is a marathon — from preparing job postings to sifting through applications and hosting rounds of interviews, the process takes time, energy, and fortitude. But it’s all worth it, because at the finish line is the perfect person to join your team. And then, you can rest.

…or not. Hiring is only the first leg of this ultramarathon. There’s still a lot to cover before your employee walks through your door for the first time (metaphorically speaking). Plus, you want to establish an environment where your new hire feels welcomed from the moment they receive their offer letter. Which means no radio silence — bridging connections early could lead to stronger relationships down the road. 

Between all the paperwork, scheduling, and emails, creating efficiencies now will make this post-hiring process as smooth as silk the next time you take on a new employee. 

👉 And that’s why we’ve compiled a New Employee Post-offer & Pre-start Process Checklist template (try saying that three times fast). That way, you and your team can make sure your new hires are not only pumped about starting, but also fully prepared for their first day. All it needs is your personal touch, and it’s ready to launch.

Want more templates to help you build your business playbook? Check out our entire template archive of free, multimedia-enhanced, and customizable policy, process, and role starters. New to Trainual? Get a demo.


How good onboarding could have kept this business from getting a bad rap

Thousands of people have now given their two cents on this viral post where a college graduate was “horrified” after getting fired from her first job after just five days of employment. You’re probably wondering what she did wrong. Show up late every day? Get caught smoking in the office bathroom? You would think.

But according to those who heard her story…
…she was totally wronged by the company. Allegedly, her mere five days of onboarding involved trainers telling her “I don’t know what to show you today” and having her re-watch training videos she’d already seen. Massive flop.

Needless to say, she was shocked when the CEO told her she was being let go and the company was continuing their search. (As if it’s going to work out with the next hire.)

The commenters had her back, saying things like “Not having an onboarding process/schedule is now a red flag for me. If I don't get a schedule for the first week, I know you're a mismanaged business.” Another added, “I've been burned by major companies dropping the ball with no onboarding. I learned to ask during interviews what the onboarding process is.”

This tells us that prospective (and new) hires are watching us. Making sure that we’re equipping them with the tools and knowledge necessary to succeed, both in their roles and at the company. And rightfully so.

Here’s how to create a winning onboarding checklist:
It all starts with training (obvi). But not just any training. Your training should:

  • Actually be planned out. (We kid. But if you fail to plan, you plan to fail. And this is absolutely the case with company training.)
  • Happen with the push of a button. That way, you’re not absorbing management’s precious time every time someone new is hired.
  • Include a projected date for full productivity. The onboarding process is a big investment of company resources (after all, you’re paying your new hire to learn, not to work). So you want to have a goal date where onboarding has officially ended and you can make sure your new hire is fully productive — taking on responsibilities and contributing to the goals of your company. 

👉 See the full onboarding checklist.


How Trainual streamlines new software training for this #1 fastest-growing biz

Starting a job at a new company means tackling a whole new slate of tech and systems. And while using those new platforms will get easier as time passes, that first introduction can be a little rough, depending on how you decide to train your employees. 

To reduce those growing pains, Realty Group uses Trainual to introduce their new agents to their listing and lead management platform.

As the number one fastest-growing real estate brokerage in Minnesota, Realty Group needs streamlined and organized training to provide resources to their 700+ real estate agents. And according to Tabitha VanValkenburg, Realty Group’s vice president, Trainual makes their robust onboarding process much easier to manage (opposed to when they were using Google Docs). 

Plus, the Realty Group Trainual account not only trains and onboards new agents and team members, it acts as their main knowledge base — one that any employee can access for anything they need to know. Take a look inside Realty Group’s account.

“Our employees and agents are constantly searching and favoriting content [in Trainual] that they come back to quite a bit. I know I use it every day.”
– Tabitha VanValkenburg, vice president of Realty Group LLC

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