🌟 Getting employees onboard with your new processes

May 22, 2024

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For your reading pleasure:

  • Jumpstart your influencer marketing strategy with this template.
  • How to introduce new hires to new software.
  • The power of drag-and-drop images in training documentation.
  • And here’s how to actually get employees onboard with new processes.


Template of the week: Influencer Marketing Strategy Guide

Influencer Marketing Strategy Guide template from Trainual

If you’re anywhere on social media, you’ve encountered “the influencer.” They’re the ones making waves across industries, one Instagram or LinkedIn post at a time. And while you may assume that influencers simply get paid by businesses to post about their products and services, that’s a little too simple. 

When executed properly, influencer marketing is actually:

  • Authentic advocacy that builds trust and credibility for a brand.
  • Relationship-building for long partnerships between influencers and brands.
  • Audience-centric marketing, which delivers relevant content that resonates with potential customers’ pain points and needs.

👉 Interested in bringing these benefits to your business? Use this Influencer Marketing Strategy Guide template to establish everything your team needs to know. Written in collaboration with Brianna Doe, founder of the full-service marketing agency Verbatim, this template can get your influencer marketing up and running fast. 

Check out our entire template archive of free and customizable policy, process, and role starters. New to Trainual? Get a demo.


What a new software rollout looks like with Trainual

Now entering the ring: a new hire.
These days, no employee starts a job without being introduced to at least one new software platform. And expecting them to muddle their way through all its capabilities is like pushing a novice into a boxing ring — they’ll be knocked out (metaphorically, of course!) before they know it.

The difference maker: proper training.

Let’s look at the software industry, for example:
There are thousands of platforms out there, and expecting new hires to be masters before they even start is just asking for the KO. That’s why it’s important for companies in the industry to include platform training in their onboarding process. For us here at Trainual, we get our new employees straight into the product. 👇

Trainual software demo

By creating a test account and going through a checklist of the platform capabilities, employees get the chance to explore Trainual in a controlled environment — with step-by-step guides that explain each functionality. Plus, this training helps the team understand what our customers experience when using the platform.

And while this training methodology is especially useful for other businesses in the software industry, it can be used to introduce any new platform during any industry’s onboarding. 

👉 Find out more about employee training for new software.


[New!] Drag and drop photos right into the text editor

Trainual Tips and tricks on drag and drop photos

If you’re a Trainual OG, chances are good you’ve been hoping for one editor enhancement. It’s small, but it sure would save your finger from incessant, unnecessary clicking. The wish: dragging and dropping photos into the text editor.

And you can finally do just that! Just drag a photo from your files and drop it right into your content. Sprucing up your content has never been so quick!

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Here’s how to get employees to follow processes 

The struggle is real.
You’ve just documented an amazing new process — one that works out all the kinks, streamlines your ops, and ensures efficiency and most importantly, results.

And then… no one uses it. Not even when you ask nicely.

Girl saying "Pretty please?"

And we’ve all heard the reasons why.
Whether it’s because you have long-serving employees or you’ve never had documented processes before, your team’s reasons usually boil down to “My way works fine — I don’t need to change.”

But when “their way” starts to affect other processes down the road or keeps producing the same mistakes, convincing your employees to actually follow your processes becomes a necessity. And here’s how you can do it:

  1. Define following processes as a new expectation in your performance management so that everyone is on the same page.
  2. Make sure your new processes are actually documented and accessible for employees to reference when they need it (psst… Trainual is great for this).
  3. Establish a training program so that your team is required to train on the new process. (Hint: Including valuable reasons why this process is important can go a long way to convincing your employees to try it out.)
  4. Incentives are a powerful motivator — so the promise of a bonus or gift card might be just the push some of your employees need for your more important processes.

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