📧 Do cold outreach emails the right way and actually find customers

June 26, 2024

"Everything the light touches is in your job description."

For your reading pleasure:

  • A process template for rewarding your hardworking employees.
  • The right way to use cold outreach emails to find customers.
  • How it’s easier than ever to become a Trainual expert.
  • And it’s time to ask yourself: Is your company guilty of “carewashing?”


Template of the week: Employee Rewards & Recognition Process

Employee Rewards & Recognition Process Trainual template

If there’s anything the NBA Finals, the Stanley Cup, the Olympics, or [insert sporting event here] has taught us, it’s that people love to be recognized for the hard work.

Because they're uplifting their teams! They're driving success! And they deserve some love for that.

👉 So, set up your documentation with this Employee Reward & Recognition Process template. It highlights how you celebrate your team, and the exact criteria you look at for this recognition. That way, there’s no confusion, and your employees know they’re working at a company that will appreciate and recognize their accomplishments in a fair and equitable way.

Check out our entire template archive of free and customizable policy, process, and role starters. New to Trainual? Get a demo.


Cold outreach email can work (if you follow these tips)

"You've got mail"

While your email will never have the power of Tom Hanks or Meg Ryan…

…there’s still something to be said about the potential of cold outreach emails.

Yes, when they’re poorly written and obviously mass-produced, these emails just clog up your inbox. But in 2023, email outreach actually ranked right behind SEO and referrals for lead generation tools — meaning, when done right, they’re a great way to find new customers.

And how do you do it right, you ask?
Avoid these six mistakes when doing cold email outreach:

  1. It’s not about you — it’s about your prospect. Successful cold outreach is about building relationships and presenting solutions for others’ needs. So, make sure your email addresses what your prospect wants.
  2. Don’t make an ass out of you and me. Research, research, research. Every prospect is unique — so, make sure you’re considering their unique needs.
  3. Don’t send outreach as a reply. Just don’t. Tricking prospects into opening your email because it has that special “Re:” in the subject line is only going to make them mad. So let’s not.
  4. Honesty is the best policy. Your email is cold outreach. So, be honest about it. If you’re doing these emails right and convince recipients that your business is a necessity, they’ll forgive you.
  5. Edit. Last thing anyone wants to see is grammatical and spelling errors. Do your due diligence and proofread (or hire someone to do it for you).
  6. Quality over quantity. Thousands of sends resulting in a low open rate — and an even lower response rate — isn’t worth it. Send quality emails to high-value prospects. It’ll all help in the long run.


The Trainual for Trainual is available now — for every user in your account

ICYMI: Trainual U is now accessible from right in your account! Plus, we’re introducing two new courses: Trainual U Basics (for General users) and Content Creator Certification (for Contributors, and Authors). Just head to your account and click “Go to Trainual U” to log in

🔥 Tip: Yes, you read that right — now every user has access to Trainual U! So be sure to give ‘em all a little nudge to sign up today! 

What is Trainual U again?

It’s a place for interactive, self-paced courses and strategy guides for how to maximize Trainual. Humble brag alert: It’s also a perfect example you can model your own policies and processes after. Plus, it provides up-to-date training on all the latest Trainual enhancements as they come out.

What’ll I see when I log in to Trainual U?

When you land in Trainual U, you’ll get the content you need based on your permission level. Plus, you’ll see extra credit courses and strategy guides (hey-yo, where are our overachievers at? 🙋) — like How To Launch Trainual to Your Team, How To Build a Content Creation Team, and more.

👉 More from Trainual U creator and Senior Success Coach Shawn.


How to avoid the ‘carewashing’ trap and support employees

It’s time to take a long, hard look in the mirror:
And ask yourself: Are you doing everything you can to make sure your employees’ well-being is looked after?

Now, don’t feel too guilty — running a business means taking care of a million different things, and they can’t all have your attention all the time. But if you promote a company culture of care for your employees and their well-being, then doing the bare minimum or allowing that side of the business to fall to the wayside can put you in danger of “carewashing.”

Man saying "Dear, oh dear."

Yep, just like it sounds.
You don’t want to be accused of faking it or covering up your flaws to meet a standard of care. Especially if it could lead to lack of engagement, low job satisfaction, and employee turnover. 

So, take some time this week to reassess your programs and strategies for prioritizing employee wellness with this four-step guide:

  1. Ensure your commitments (like promised wellness programs) and capabilities (financially and timely) actually line up.
  2. Conduct company-wide assessments regularly to ensure your culture of care is working for employees.
  3. Make sure your criteria for leadership (future and present) matches your people-based values.
  4. Commit to continuous improvement and self-awareness to ensure your culture stays committed to employees.

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