Disrupting the SMB training game

Trainual is an early-stage, venture-backed SaaS startup that provides an easy way for growing small businesses to document what they do. AKA our software keeps teams aligned, puts training on autopilot and helps businesses scale faster. And we’re always looking to add super talented engineers to our team!

Build software you’re proud of

Our software has grown like crazy over the past few years. And we’re ready to take our already big initiatives to the next level! And while we have tons of exciting new challenges to tackle, there are 3 that really get us hyped:

Address increasing demand

We’re constantly re-architecting our software’s underlying data models. This includes adding new features, rethinking old ones, and adding integrations. That way, we can optimize our server’s resources and, ultimately, better support more customers.

Supporting 1M users by 2024

As our company grows, so does our product. And with no signs of slowing down, we need to solve how we’ll support exponentially more users. Such as by moving our application to a microservices infrastructure and distributing our hosting environments.

Automating knowledge collection and delivery

We don’t do “best guesses.” Instead, we use hard data to drive our product development process. So, we’re using machine learning and artificial intelligence to streamline how we get this data. That way, we can know what to build – without wasting any resources.

Meet your fearless leaders

Arash Tadayon
VP of Engineering

Arash’s passion for all things tech led him to launch and scale dozens of companies throughout his career. But at the end of the day, he’s just a light-hearted techie and a lifelong learner. The latter led him to earn his doctorate in Computer Science at ASU. While there, his research focused on developing predictive devices to help people with neurodegenerative diseases (and it’s still a highlight of his career).

Zach Stradling
Director of Engineering

Zach was the first (and only) Software Engineer on the OG Trainual team. And he’s pretty much lived and breathed coding his whole life. (He even convinced his wife to name their daughter Ruby. Yes, like “on Rails.”) When he’s not coding away for work or leisure, you’ll likely find Zach watching college football, playing tennis, or enjoying quality time with his family.

QA Lead

Dasha kicked up her career in tech back in 2014 and is still incredibly passionate about the world of testing and QA. She now oversees all of QA here at Trainual. In her spare time, you can catch her listening to hard metal, watching a drama series or enjoying a starry night. When she's hungry, nothing hits the spot better than a coffee with condensed milk and a ton of sandwiches with sausage.

Our guiding principles

We’re all about creating a culture where everyone knows that their impact matters. To make that happen, here are the beliefs we live and work by:

No egos

The best ideas can come from anyone. So, it doesn’t matter if you’ve been on the team for 5 years or 5 days. Or if your title says senior or junior. The best idea always wins.

“We” above “me”

We’re competitive. But never against each other. Instead, we compete together, side by side, toward goals that are so big we could never achieve them on our own.

Keep the passion alive

When you love what you do, work doesn’t feel like work. And we don’t ever want that to change. So, to keep the passion alive, we don’t just encourage work-life balance. We require it.

Always growing

Staying stagnant isn’t an option. So, we constantly push ourselves outside our comfort zone. Because best-case scenario, we get better. Worst-case scenario, we learn. Either way, we grow.

Build illustration
Pride in our work

When someone tells you they started using Trainual, we want you to be like, yeah – my team built that! Because you know the sweat that went into it. And some of that sweat was yours.

We saved you a spot

We believe in the power of people: our differences, our similarities, and what we can learn from each other.

That’s why we’re filling our roster with different backgrounds, experiences, and identities. So we can grow as people, become the company we want to be, and build a better product.

But we also know that we have a lot of work to make sure we’re not all talk. So, if you don’t see yourself on our team page, know there’s a spot on our team for you!

You applied. Now what?

We don’t just foster an unmatched employee experience. We do it in the interview process as well. The process (we’re big on that here) takes roughly 3 weeks. And you get to see the inside of our amazing software, show off your coding skills, and spend some quality time with your future team.

Find where you belong


Focuses on

Researching, prototyping, building, and measuring most of our larger features


• Product Manager
• UI/UX Designer (dedicated)
• Tech Lead
• 3-6 Full-stack Engineers
• QA Engineer


Focuses on

Making the most of stability, scalability, security, and data opportunities


• Technical Product Manager
• UI/UX Designer (shared)
• Tech Lead
• Platform/Systems Architect
• Security Engineer
• Data/Integrations Engineer

Our tech stack

We do things a bit differently

Making ideas happen is kind of our thing. And we don’t want anything to delay or get in the way.

So, we get everyone involved in projects from the very beginning. Product, engineering, and design included. That way, everyone has a voice – from jam session to rollout. And every great idea actually makes it over the finished line (without it taking forever).

Tools we use

Say “hi” to your friendly recruiter

Marlowe Everett

Marlowe is our go-to for all-things HIRING! She’s a strategic partner to every team here at Trainual to help design roles, get them filled with amazing people, and provide a top-notch interview experience along the way. Outside of work, you can catch her doing yoga, eating tacos, or hopping on a plane to her next travel adventure.