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Hi, I'm Wendy, founder of Organising Works. I help business owners enjoy business again with simplified systems that pave the way to success and support their teams as they scale.

With a background in professional organising, small business and corporate, I realised you don't need millions of dollars and a high-rise city office to have an efficient, high-functioning business. Instead, by implementing simplified systems and processes for your team to adopt, you can unlock your business's true potential.

We work with businesses in Australia and worldwide to help improve and document their systems and processes and remove the overwhelm associated with systemising a business.

Trainual is our preferred platform for creating your business playbook, the central source of truth for everything your team needs to be successful in their role.Services include process and standard operating procedure documentation, process improvement, process management, and playbook implementation.


Mary Joan Brinson

I had the pleasure of working with Wendy during the past 18 months to build out our systems. I am the owner of a private mental health therapy clinic and I understood the need to develop clear processes to allow me to create a business that can eventually run well without me - but I had NO IDEA where to start. Wendy acted as a skilled, patient, and compassionate guide to help me move through this process. I'm not going to lie, I was overwhelmed initially, but with Wendy's guidance and support, she was able to break it down into manageable steps and I am so proud of what I have been able to create with her assistance. I could have never completed this project or had such a polished end product without her help. I would highly recommend her services!

Hannah Robertson

Wendy has been such a huge and vital help to the rollout and implementation of Trainual in our company! Through weekly calls she provided numerous different ways of content documentation, organization and creative ways to engage our employees. With about 115 employees and growing, we had a ton of content to document as well as 115 different opinions on how to best display our company's processes throughout our Trainual platform. I cannot recommend Wendy & her team enough! We now have the platform up and running, and are efficiently and accurately training each new hire as well as our existing employees. Thank you Wendy!

Scott Gosden

Wendy has been an invaluable asset in the process for us to create and document our systems, processes and policies. Her meticulous organisation skills quickly turned what seemed to be a daunting task into a manageable, enjoyable and rewarding process. If you are looking for someone to get you organised and keep you on the path I cannot recommend Wendy highly enough.

Mitch Beddow

We had the pleasure or working along side Wendy and her team for 6 months to implement, improve and streamline our job processes, onboarding and training for staff. We are a business of 22 staff and the the improved efficiencies that we have implemented since working with Wendy is beyond what we could dream of. This has changed our business for life - Thank you Wendy and Organising Works

Grace Baker

Organising Works was an absolute game-changer for us. The team's expertise and dedication in crafting our LMS was amazing to see and their strategic insight, hands-on proficiency, and collaborative approach not only streamlined our learning processes but exceeded our expectations, making Organising Works an invaluable asset to us. Thanks Wendy, Susan and team.

Jillian Cardona

Wendy and her team gave me hours of my day back through the development of our onboarding and training program. Her insights and expertise were exactly what we needed to build out a comprehensive platform walking new team members through every step of our onboarding process using various types of media. We couldn't be happier with the finished product.

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