Val Montero

Val Montero

About Val

I help business owners and CEOs save precious time and money by automating their training needs, allowing them to concentrate on what truly matters. Say goodbye to the stress of training multiple people and embrace an efficient, cost-effective tailored solution. Let's connect and unlock your company's potential!


Ian Almasi

I worked with Valeria for over a year and she serviced a ton of our clients and did extremely well! She was always reliable and fast with her work while maintaining quality. Highly recommended!

Artem Purlo

Val is a top-notch professional with great project management skills and strategic thinking. Dependable and responsible, she's an excellent Consultant. Highly recommend for streamlining training processes.

Ron McLean

Val is a great communicator and been a tremendous help getting our Trainual program up and running.

Steven Kohnke

Valeria has worked with me for a while now and has done fantastic work! Her SOP work for my company has been very easy for me and the results are first class. She's always very quick to get requests completed which is very valuable to us. Highly recommend. Thank you, Valeria!

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