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At Sharper Process, we understand the frustration and inefficiency chaos can bring to your business. Our specialized month-to-month consulting package is designed to cut through the disorder, transforming your operations with clarity and efficiency. Through weekly one-on-one strategy sessions, we delve deep into your process maps, revising and refining your procedures for optimal performance. Our focus on documentation excellence ensures seamless Trainual integration, enhancing the way your team operates. With a flexible, result-oriented approach, we adapt to your evolving needs, providing ongoing support to maintain order and drive success.

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Sophia P

This has been such a game changer for our company! It is simple, easy to use, and amazing to have all processes & procedures organized in one platform. The whole team at Sharper is collaborative, helpful, and hands on throughout the entire process! 10/10 Recommend if you are trying to bring your business to the next level!

Miranda H

Trainual has been great! Very user friendly and responsive. Derek Coffey has also been such a great help through the process.

Michelle L

We love the team at Sharper Business Solutions!

Hannah M

Our Trainual buildout with Sharper Business Solutions was an amazing experience for our company.

Lydia F

Sharper Business Solutions is an amazing company

Jacob C

Trainual is so essential to building out the proper training your employees need. Derek with Sharper Business Solutions is awesome to work with!

Annemarie C

Trainual is a game changer for my company! Sharper Business Solutions is an amazing company to work with!

Erin D

Trainual has helped our business so much! Derek and the whole Team at Sharper are awesome to work with!

Katy K

Derek, Lydia and the Sharper team have been a huge help in documenting our departmental processes and building out/organizing our current training module. They have taken a large project that was expected to take almost a year to complete, and helped us finish it in 4 months. They have been very accommodating and flexible with scheduling, and truly been a great asset to our team!


Working with Derek and the team gave me an opportunity to download my thoughts in an organized, constructive manner. This has allowed our newest hires to understand our company and what our expectations are of their role from the start, with proper resources to achieve everything we hoped for them. Highly recommend this process and we're so happy we got a chance to work with them!


Sharper is a team of truly exceptional coaches! Their expertise is absolutely incredible. I am blown away by their ability to assist with business build-out, organization, process documentation, and creating comprehensive maps for every position within a company. Working with Sharper has been an absolute joy. They are not only incredibly helpful in addressing our team's current needs but also in crafting a clear vision for our future. I can't recommend them highly enough!

Janese Jones

Lydia and Derek are such a pleasure to work with. Both are very skillful and have the ability to pull out the best in you. Working with them feels like you're working with one of your favorite co-workers. I don't know what I'd do without them! Thank you and to anyone questioning whether or not they should use Trainual.....just go ahead and get the ball rolling. A+

Kapil Singla

Derek was great to work with. He’s very knowledgeable and detailed. He helped streamline our process and made the hiring process a lot easier for us. I would definitely recommend him.

Matt Monaghan

Lydia and Derek are the best! They stay on top of communication with us and do everything they can to make sure we are successful with Trainual.

Thomas Lehmann

The entire SHARPER team has been amazing and a game changer for us.

Andrew Jones

"Fantastic all around, some great insights and overall super helpful process. Definitely a go-to recommendation."

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