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Poka-Yoke Solutions creates long term value for your company by helping you rethink the way you do business operations. Our team of experts will help evaluate your current status and then design processes that maximize your human capital, improve the efficiency of your operations, align your processes and technology, and grow your bottom line


Brandon S

I would highly recommend Erica and the whole Poka-Yoke team. Finally having our processes formalized and documented in Trainual is going to be a great help to us for all of the obvious reasons. In addition to that, I think the exercise that Erica's team took us through of getting everything documented has been really helpful for us as a company. Asking people to explain why they do things has opened up a lot of opportunities for people to question what they do and how it can be improved. It has brought a more process oriented mindset to tasks that may have otherwise been on autopilot, and it has been a great way to make team members feel like their opinions and work are valuable. Erica's team guided us through this entire process from beginning to end and I'm confident in saying that it would not have been nearly as successful without them.

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