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Erica Quigley and Team

About Poka-Yoke Solutions

Poka-Yoke Solutions works with businesses to streamline and scale their operations by refining and documenting their processes. CEO and Founder Erica Quigley and her team help companies:

  • Sort out the roles and responsibilities in their business
  • Onboard employees faster
  • Build efficient operations which can grow without increasing headcount

Erica built out operations for 3 high-growth companies prior to founding Poka-Yoke Solutions in 2018. Since then, Erica and her team have worked with over 45 businesses and over a hundred entrepreneurs on systemizing, streamlining, and scaling their organizations.

Our ideal client:

We excel at supporting for-profit businesses with over 50 employees based in the United States with an annual revenue over $50mil.

Our top accomplishments:

  • Achieved $803,000+ in annual savings while also saving 240 hours/week in labor at a retail marketing company in Manhattan
  • Achieved $347,000 annual savings, an 86% quicker shipment time, while also saving 107 hours/week in labor at a warehouse and distribution company in Bristol, PA.
  • Support a transportation company in New Jersey with streamlining their processes in such a way that they were able to grow from $20M to $50M with minimal staffing increase.

Our notable certifications and partner alliances:

  • WBENC-Certified Women's Business Enterprise
  • SBA-certified Woman Owned Small Business (WOSB)
  • Strategic Alliance Partner with the Entrepreneur's Organzation’s (EO) New Jersey chapter


Brandon S

I would highly recommend Erica and the whole Poka-Yoke team. Finally having our processes formalized and documented in Trainual is going to be a great help to us for all of the obvious reasons. In addition to that, I think the exercise that Erica's team took us through of getting everything documented has been really helpful for us as a company. Asking people to explain why they do things has opened up a lot of opportunities for people to question what they do and how it can be improved. It has brought a more process oriented mindset to tasks that may have otherwise been on autopilot, and it has been a great way to make team members feel like their opinions and work are valuable. Erica's team guided us through this entire process from beginning to end and I'm confident in saying that it would not have been nearly as successful without them.

Anthony C

I would highly recommend Erica and Poka-Yoke Solutions to anyone! Their approach is customizable and scalable based upon your needs. Our company has been going steadily the last 5-6 years, and we were always lacking in getting our processes documented. Not only did they help with this, but they also jumped in with both feet, speaking to a number of our team members to really get familiarized with our specialized processes and service offerings. With all of this, the biggest reason I would recommend working with Poka-Yoke is their ability to identify and navigate some of the pain points within change management – this was our biggest hurdle over the years, and they got us over the hump in this regard. I know where we were as a company, and I know where we are now, but I don’t know how we could have gotten there without Erica, Kristen, and all the team there at Poka-Yoke!

Lauren Williams

Exactly 4 months ago I begged Erica Quigley to be my Chief Operations Officer. Our business was growing, things were moving quickly and there was some structure, but it wasn't exactly super structured or organized. In walks Erica and team. KA-POW They immediately get down and dirty in the best way. Identifying who does what, when, how and where. Then what I do, how I do it, when, how, where. Then how WE DO THE THINGS and how we can DO THE THINGS even better. So if you have even a tiny feeling that you need an Operations experts - just take it from me. YOU DO. Erica and team do this with such kindness and humility and tenderness but excellence. So it's so much of a push or pull into something better - it's a natural flowing experience where you and everyone around you will EXCEL. Thank you Erica for being my COO and transforming my business in the best way.

Megan K.

The efforts and work shown by Poka-Yoke Solutions has had such a positive impact on the work our team does both internally and externally. Understanding how crucial it is to have definitive processes and procedures mapped out has made us incredibly more productive. I now have a full understanding how much project management can benefit any team!

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