Keegan Orellana


About EmmerScale

EmmerScale was founded to help CEOs and Founders like you break through barriers to scale their businesses. Β We understand the challenges you face and provide a comprehensive range of high ROI business solutions. Β With over 30 years of executive and business ownership experience, as well as franchise expertise, we understand exactly where you are and will work with you in the trenches, deploying the proper resources that will help bridge the gaps and fill the voids that exist in your business, allowing your business to effectively scale.

With an eye for detail and a penchant for problem-solving, Keegan is a reliable asset to the client leadership team, providing invaluable assistance with onboarding, tech stacks, workflow automation, and confirmation days. He has a strong commitment to his work; he consistently strives to ensure that customer demands are met with a sense of urgency and finesse.


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