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After selling her first fully systemized business, Erin began her mission to help other business owners take back their life. She founded Business Made Simple in 2013 and has empowered hundreds of businesses to scale without sacrificing quality or sanity.Erin’s nerdy superpower is the ability to get your business out of your head, find and fill the process holes, and get your team onboard.Services: Business Systemization, Job Description Creation, Process Documentation, Training, CRM Setup


LuAnn Lundquist

Business Made Simple lives up to their name! We have struggled and floundered for 10 years with our grassroots nonprofit. I've been given ideas to organize and systemize, but never had the manpower or time to actually implement anything. My dream is to have our nonprofit last well into the future. My reality was a lot messier than my dream. Along comes Business Made Simple. My staff tell me that it is the best money we have ever spent. We now have the tools to be successful and sustainable into the future. This needs to be something that every business gives itself!

Janet Labrum

I am in AWE at how "simple" you made it all appear! After years of "chasing our tails" trying to figure out better and more efficient ways to accomplish all that needed to be done, your systems have simplified it all!! We are SO EXCITED to have EVERYTHING we could possibly need to access in one easy location!! "Business Made Simple" is a perfect and very fitting name for what you have put at our fingertips!


Erin and her team are fantastic!

Ro Allan

The BMS team is simply fantastic! The way they were able to understand our business and how they organized our processes will help for many years to come. They provided what we needed to start on our journey to using SOP's on a regular basis and the foundation to build our documentation ongoing. Many thanks to Erin and her entire team!

Jesse McCourt

Business Made Simple has released much of the stress and redundancy that has plagued my office for years. Erin and her talented team of Ninjas have taken chaos and massaged it into PEACE and TRANQUILITY! Business Made Simple has streamlined our existing processes, created effective processes where none existed and given our team tools that make the process easy to follow. Our team now has clarity and alignment, they know exactly what their jobs are, who they report to, and where to find answers to questions without calling me. The best part, we are able to shift team members to different positions to cover changing work loads, vacations or sick days and the new position is laid out in the SOP! If they can read, they can perform the duties of the various positions without weeks of redundant training. Thank you Erin! Your team has saved my sanity.

Ladd Hallows

Since working with Business Made Simple, we have so much more confidence to bring on new people because we have a process and steps in place for them to follow that allow them to be very successful. Business Made Simple has a gift for clearly defining friction points that need improvement. I have been very impressed with the deliverables and how responsive they have been through the entire process.

Travis Phillips

Erin and the team at Business Made Simple absolutely blew the lid off my expectations. I acquired two separate businesses and needed to make sense of the operations, document it, and implement new automations and technology (Phone System, CRM, Back end connections, Etc.). Erin, and the team behind the scenes were all vital in making that happen. The transition process was seamless, the new implementations have increased our efficiency, and the thoroughly documented processes have provided continuity as well as security. We now have repeatable processes which both improve our quality as a team and provide a foundational training method for new hires. The Power Process was much more than just SOP’s and it was 1000% worth it. We will certainly be coming back again when we make new acquisitions. The value add of SOP’s alone, when it comes to business valuation, is more than enough to make this a net positive for you from a financial perspective. I cannot recommend getting this done enough, especially if you are considering the BMS team.

Jake Vranish

They were able to get all our SOPs written out and organized in a comprehensive way to make them available to the entirety of our company.

Vivian Huang

Business Made Simple was able to look at a daunting process, break it down and make it manageable. They were able to come up with documents that helped me track progress and keep track of what has been done and what needs to be done.

Allison Endicott

Thank you so much for your team's exceptional work throughout our project. Working with you all has been a pleasure, and we are thoroughly impressed with the level of attention to detail and efficiency displayed by your team. We hope to have the opportunity to work with your team again in the future.

Takiyah Burns

Working with Erin and her team has been an excellent experience. They are always ready to offer their support and patience as we transition our culture to be more SOP-driven. While it has been a challenging journey, it is a necessary one, and we are eagerly looking forward to reaching our goals. Thanks to the team's guidance, our establishment is becoming more organized and professional, bringing positive changes to our operations.

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