Dafne Tsakiris

Launch Point

About Dafne

Dafne is an operations expert, fractional integrator, and passionate entrepreneur who takes ideas from the back of the napkin to their fullest potential. Launch Point was one of those ideas. Born from a double-date conversation over Italian food as her friend shared his company woes, Dafne recognized that each of the problems in her friend’s business was 100% solvable. Dafne’s experience working with organizations from start-up to expansion means she knows instinctually 1) how to identify the problem and 2) how to solve it.

While working at Colorado-based company Perky Jerky before collecting her BA in Business Management from Metro State in Denver, Dafne went from website and social media manager to heading seven departments within the company. She then ran the backend of her husband’s entrepreneurial adventure, and from that moment forward, she was hooked on growth. Now, she’s sharing that passion with small to midsize companies around the globe. Launch Point is founded in this same spirit of optimization and forward momentum.

During those rare moments when Dafne isn’t working with organizations to reach their potential, you can find her reminiscing about her backup dancer days on the Swedish singing contest TV show Little Stars, laughing at her own jokes or having dance parties in the kitchen with her family. She wants to show her two daughters that anything is possible. Because it is.



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