David Begin


About David

Looking to get into a small business, I began researching the car wash industry, building my first car wash in 2006, my second in 2008, and my third in 2018. During my time as a carwash owner, I served on the board of the Rocky Mountain Carwash Association and became their President in 2011. I also joined the board of the International Carwash Association (ICA) and became its President in 2017.

I've had many opportunities as a speaker and panel moderator at regional, national, and international carwash conventions and meetings. I was also the host of "Car Wash, The Podcast" for 4 years. I sold my car washes in August of 2019 and started various carwash consulting businesses culminating with Carwash OS. My focus is providing advice and consulting services to new investors, current owners, and institutional equity firms looking to start and improve their operations.



Michael Griggs

CarwashOS really has their process dialed in to help anyone in or looking into the car wash space.

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