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Hi, I’m Alyson! Founder and CEO of Operations Agency, bestselling author and mom of two.Β 

I simplify the way companies operate and create more transparency within growing teams. Over the last six years, we’ve worked with hundreds of companies with BIG goals of opening multiple locations, growing their team, growing their client base, and more. As one of the first Trainual certified partners, we’ve seen it all with company training and we’re here to help. If you’re ready to get your training centralized for your growing company, reach out to us today.

Services include: training audit, training outline, training creation, process documentation, process auditing, data tracking and key performance indicators.

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Joe Marhamati

Alyson Caffrey and her team at Operations Agency were consummate professionals. They have a very efficiency process for capturing your institutional information and structuring it in a way that can be conveyed clearly in Trainual for onboarding and continuing education purposes. Alyson provided us with a Playbook to index all the processes, procedures, policies, and trainings that we knew our new and existing employees must be proficient in to perform their jobs well. The result was a comprehensive onboarding and training program that we can rely on, add to, edit, and even work with Alyson's team in the future to expand upon. I cannot recommend her and her team enough to those looking to take on this large task.

Regina Peter

It has been a pleasure working with Alyson and her team. Right from the beginning, they took the time to understand our organization's needs, how we function and what we were trying to accomplish in Trainual. We are a K-12 school for children with special needs and have many processes and procedures. Alyson was able to help our Team not only structure all our information but lay it out in a fashion that helps educators train other educators. We would not be able to roll out this platform in a meaningful way had it not been for Alyson and her Team.

Rick Pomeroy

Alyson and every member of her team has surpassed our expectations, what a team she has put together. This is a journey that we all knew we needed to take and we are very thankful that we found Alyson to lead and guide us along the way.... they are great to work with. They are very efficient, full of expertise and knowledge that you can rely on. We would never have been able to accomplish this project without her. I very highly recommend Alyson and her team.

Andreia Lima

I worked closely with Alyson and Lauren when my multi-faceted business grew from 50 to 500+ employees, (from 4 offices to 20+ facilities) and I quickly needed to get my policies and procedures more organized and effectively communicated through a vast geographic footprint. Trainual's team was great at taking the various "pieces of the puzzle" and building a roadmap to reach our optimal end goal in order to achieve our vision. I am incredibly grateful for their guidance and support. Their team was extremely flexible as working with a busy team is challenging-- but they were well organized and always kept us focused with meetings and ongoing communications. I am thrilled to have met this team and cannot recommend them enough for your professional needs. Their demeanor and approach is personable -which I also very much appreciated. I will always be grateful to Alyson and her team.

Pete Baumgartner

Alyson helped guide me through the process of hiring our first Operations role at Lincoln Loop. I was feeling overwhelmed by the process, but she helped me understand what it was we really needed and set us up for success in the hiring and onboarding process. It has freed me up to work more *on* the business than *in* the business which I know will have a positive impact on our bottom line.

Kevin Hill

We could not have gotten Trainual off the ground without the help of Alyson and her team. I appreciate them very much.

Noelle Wolff

The guidance and assistance we received from Alyson and Lauren was immeasurable in getting our policies organized in a way that made positive impacts across the organization. Communication with Alyson and the team has been efficient and comfortable - it's a great working relationship for sharing ideas and feedback. I urge anyone looking to adapt this platform to get the process started with Alyson and Lauren.

Daylen Stoutin

Alyson and her team were indispensable. We talked internally for over a year about the need to build a training program. Within a few months of hiring Alyson our Trainual implementation was launched to our team. She advised us, pushed us, and took many of the mechanics of creating the platform off our plate. It was exactly the unlock we needed.

Travis Weathers

I hired Alyson and her team to come in and develop some of the most challenging documentation we had as a company that we'd been struggling with for a long time. She and her team absolutely crushed it. They were on time with delivery and deadlines and made sure we had what we needed. What I really appreciated is they went above and beyond what we'd originally asked for. We will be working with them again.

Deb Christensen

Collaborating with Alyson and her team was an enriching experience that brought fresh perspectives and innovative solutions to our project. Their professionalism and commitment to excellence helped us achieve a strategic goal for our company. Working with them was seamless and enjoyable.

Amy Tramontozzi

The enthusiasm generated by the wealth of new information we provided, now readily accessible at their fingertips was apparent. Operations Agency's assistance during this process was so helpful, and I sincerely appreciate their efforts. I now feel empowered and confident to extend this initiative to our other offices.

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