Processes that document themselves

The Trainual Capture™ browser extension automatically builds step-by-step training processes and SOPs while you work, so you don't have to stop to document anything.

Make documenting processes effortless

Launch the Chrome extension
Start your capture
Review and save
Then add to your Trainual account or share it!

Document while doing

Say goodbye to manually writing out your step-by-step business processes. Trainual Capture™ will turn any online process into easy-to-reference guides.


Ready-made SOPs,
like magic

Once you capture a process, review and edit the steps (if necessary), then save to your Trainual account and share with anyone on your team.


Become an expert process writer in no time, with no writing

Fill your playbook with processes and SOPs without taking time away from actually doing the work. Trainual Capture™ is now the fastest way to add content to your account and train up your team.

Organize the chaos
of your small business