Cut to when your playbook’s built

Nothing’s harder than starting from scratch. Especially when it comes to documenting your business. But with the Build Your Playbook package, our Certified Consultants fast track your implementation! We’ll customize your account. And dial in on what you still have to do and how exactly to make it all happen!

What you'll walk away with

We'll deep dive into your business and get you started – and you can jump in for the finishing touches. We will deliver:

  • An account outline that is organized and just needs to be filled in
  • An outline of your roles and responsibilities that shows you who does what in your company
  • An initial people directory with your users queued up and ready to invite into Trainual
  • One fully documented process from start to finish
  • A step-by-step implementation plan for building and rolling out your playbook

Requirements from you

All you have to do is commit to an interview about your company and connect us to 2 of your top team members for additional 1:1s.

Then, we’ll set up your Trainual account, kickoff your documentation, and equip your team with everything they need to own your business playbook.

Cost: $2,500

Here's how it works

Step 1: Fill out a quick survey

Answer a few general questions about your company. This information will help us understand where you’re at in your documentation journey.

Step 2: Send us all your content (if you have any)

We’ll email you instructions on how to securely get us your existing documentation. Feel free to send it in whatever shape it’s in. Or, if you don’t have any yet, that’s okay too!

Step 3: Chat with your assigned Certified Consultant

We’ll schedule a 60-minute 1:1 session with you and your Certified Consultant. During that session, you’ll give a high-level overview of your company’s roles and responsibilities.

Step 4: Conduct a few key team interviews

We’ll then get 2 of your key team members scheduled for 45-minute 1:1s with your Certified Consultant. Their sessions will start to break down what processes and policies your business relies on.

Step 5: We'll load all our findings into your account

Using what your team shared, the consultant will take care of setting up your Trainual account. And you’ll get it back on (or before) the turnaround date.

Step 6: Wrap up the project and roll it out!

In a 60-minute training session, your consultant will go over your customized plan for implementing Trainual – plus share all their best practices!

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