Glenda Acevedo

Bridging Business Solutions

About Glenda

Glenda Acevedo is the Founder of Bridging Business Solutions. Our primary focus is on helping dental practices, marketing companies, and those serving dentistry by bridging the gap between People, Process, and Performance.

We help our clients move through the business stages of Surviving, Steady, Scaleable, and finally to Sellable and Valuable.Documenting your systems, your hiring and onboarding processes, and your business foundations gives your business a chance to grow, scale and thrive, with the ability to serve patients more efficiently and create a high-performing team with lower turnover among team members.

Getting this information out of the head of yourself and your employees stabilizes your business and gives the business owner the freedom to step away for vacation, family, and other projects of interest. Better yet, it gives you a Sellable and Valuable business if you're ready to retire or pursue a side gig.


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