Trainual vs. Google Docs

Trainual vs. Google Docs

Let’s explore why Trainual might be a better place to build your business SOPs, onboarding and training materials, org charts and more.

Let’s explore why Trainual might be a better place to build your business SOPs, onboarding and training materials, org charts and more.

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Both were built to help your business boom.

There are plenty reasons for having both Trainual and Google Docs in your business toolkit. But let’s take a look at where each tool shines and why.

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Both were built to help your business boom.

Side by Side Snapshot

Trainual is basically where you will build out the bones of your business. It’s the how-to manual. And Google Docs are still great for your daily to-do’s and working documents.

Google Docs

For managing your documents

Write, edit, & save
Share with anyone
Real-time collaboration
Search all your docs
Free forever

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For managing your business

Assign and track
Share with your team
Automate your onboarding & training
Everything searchable
Plans starting at $79/mo

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A perfectly organized set of Google Docs or Word Docs. Except, they would track exactly who has seen what and when.

You’d be able to add videos anywhere that needs more explanation.

You could add tests to make sure that what you’re saying is perfectly understood.

And they would be grouped intuitively into every unique role in your business so no one has access to more than they need or feels overwhelmed with job responsibilities.

Google Docs and MS Word don’t do that. Trainual does.

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With Trainual:

– Assign subjects and track completion vs. just assigning and assuming

– Set permission levels and roles (Google Docs only allows view only and edit permissions)

– Automatically assign content based on the role you select

– Admins and Creators can collaborate better than ever with Draft Mode and Pending Review mode
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What You Should Keep In Google Docs

If you have a Gmail account, then you can already use Google Docs to create, store, and share documents, for free. Which is great. These are some areas of your business that might benefit from utilizing Google Docs.


Bidding on a new job? Copy your standard RFP language out of Trainual and then get collaborating with your team as you customize your proposal for winning this work!

Pitch Deck Outlines

Work with your team to start outlining your pitch deck before sending it off to be designed.

Day-to-Day Projects

You can upgrade, downgrade, or cancel your monthly account at any time with no further obligation.

Finances and Forecasting

Easily create and sync spreadsheets in Google Docs or Google Sheets to manage your daily finances or even longer term financial planning.

Blog Post Drafts

Build a content calendar and start writing out your drafts within Google Docs. It’s a perfect spot for that.

Meeting Notes

Did you just have a client meeting? Or an internal marketing meeting? Google Docs is a great place to quickly jot down notes and write out to-do’s.


How To Build Your Business With Trainual

Your Company Manual

Throw away your paper manuals and get your policies, processes, and procedures out of Google Docs. Trainual is the perfect place to digitally build and manage your company manual.

Your Standard Operating Procedures

SOPs are the sweet spot, if we had to pick one. We built Trainual to easily house step-by-step instructions compiled by an organization to help workers carry out complex routine operations.

Your Org Charts

Document every team member’s roles and responsibilities in one searchable, easy-to-update, easy-to-assign, place.

Your Onboarding Process

Once you have roles and responsibilities documented as subjects in the dashboard, it’s as easy as assigning a new user to that role and bam, onboarding automated + trackable. Your new hires will never get lost again.

Your Business How-To’s

What about simple stuff like, how to order more coffee for the break room? Or how should you position your offerings into a new pitch – is there boilerplate content anywhere?

And Much, Much More…
Hundreds of businesses are already choosing to document their business in a better place. Discover the common topics and subjects people like you are building into Trainual to help you get the gears turning.
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