Ditch The Docs, Make A Trainual

Award-winning onboarding, training, and process management software for organizing, communicating, and scaling knowledge.


Organized, searchable, trackable, scalable

Everything about how you do what you do in one place

Trainual is more than an onboarding and training tool. It’s an interactive wiki for your business. Once your team starts documenting what they do, you’re on your way to building a turnkey operations manual and long-term memory bank.

Automate onboarding and training

Associate content and processes by role, department, or location to create templates and automate your onboarding. If you hire someone new for that role, just assign them and they get everything they need to know and nothing they don’t.

Finally, stop repeating yourself

Instead of answering the same questions and explaining the same processes over and over, make it easy for employees to access all the information they need to do their job right the first time and every time.

Test employees on their knowledge

Ensure your people know how to do what’s expected of them with simple tests built into automated sequences. Track logins and monitor user progress. Screen your new hires or prospective employees for comprehension and commitment.

Retain talent and reduce turnover

The easiest way to keep good people around is to ensure they never feel lost in their role or in your company. Nurture and develop their skillsets and keep them in the loop with easy ongoing training.

Powerful search to reference SOPs on the go

Search for keywords and topics across all of your company’s training materials and SOPs to find and reference or update whatever you need when you need it.

Push updates to your team automatically

As soon as any content is changed or added in Trainual, any employee who has previously completed that subject will get a notification that there is new material. They will have to log in, review, and re-complete to stay in the know.

Live saved changes while editing

Create subjects and knowledge flows, auto assign content to new employees in specific roles, and use photos, videos, or upload existing docs to make training easier than ever. Never have an out of date or inconsistent training manual again.

Embed videos, forms, and more

Do you use Typeforms for company-wide surveys or record how-to videos using Loom Screen Recorder? Maybe most of your training content lives on YouTube. Great! Embed it all and organize it into subject tracks by role or responsibility.

Trainual redesign comes with new filters

Every "how-to" in one place

No more wasted time searching through scattered Google Docs, Word Docs, drives, and emails looking for the right process, policy, or SOP that you know exists but don’t know where.

“We’ve solved the problem of making sure each new employee has ALL the info they need to complete their jobs. Trainual makes it SO easy to pass on important information and ensure everyone is on the same page.”
Julianna O. Creative Director, Toast Wedding Films Inc.

Search your SOPs from anywhere

Trainual is your playbook in your pocket. Every word of every subject is searchable from the web app, the Chrome browser extension, or the iOS app.

“If you are asking “How do I….”, you’ll find the answer in Trainual.”
Sheree Y Practice Manager, Vitality Natural Wellness and Medspa

Make training more fun

Trainual’s built-in screen recording makes teaching every process easy and the in-app stock photo library and GIPHY integration make training material more fun!

“Trainual is simple to use. You don’t need training to figure it out. I love that we can do a screen record, and embed a video to show how to execute a process and we can even test our employees to gauge understanding.”
Emily L. Legal Intake Experts

Track understanding and boost accountability

Build tests into subjects to ensure that your team is totally up to speed.

“In the beginning, we documented our policies and procedures in word docs. As our firm has grown, we realized the need for more central, user-friendly process documentation. Trainual has proven to have the best UI for our group & will allow us to expand to multiple locations while maintaining uniformity.”
Heather P. Director of Team Services, The Royce CPA Firm
We even have an app

Access everything with iOS and Android apps

Trainual is easy to access, update, and track wherever and whenever you need it with our beautiful desktop app, Chrome browser search extension, plus native Andoird and iOS apps.

“A huge asset to anyone looking to scale.”
Robby R. Central Florida Trimlight

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