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Coffee in the Clouds, with NYDLA’s Thomas Capone and Trainual’s Chris Ronzio

Executive Director of The New York Distance Learning Association, NYDLA, hosts Trainual Founder & CEO, Chris Ronzio, on the Coffee in the Clouds podcast.

Tom and Chris discuss:

  • Chris Ronzio's entrepreneurial career and the humble beginnings of Trainual as a concept then software itself
  • How Chris thinks about the difference between an entrepreneur and an entrepreneurial person
  • How Trainual has addressed client security as a cloud-based technology
  • Chris' suggestions for the best ways to use Trainual and the difference between the plans for certain company sizes
  • The number 1 question Chris gets from business owners about documentation and how to get started

Listen to the podcast on NYDLA here, and learn more about Trainual as an NYDLA member benefit here.