Travis Leaming

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About Travis

Professional Experience: Current - helping lead a great brand with the vision of becoming the #1 guest experience attraction in the world.

Mission: To serve my organization and its people by creating a path for others to succeed.

Values: To align my family values of faith, family, hard work, care, and fun in my actions.

Leadership: Mark Miller and Ken Blanchard said it best in Heart Of Leadership "We must change our heart to lead effectively." Great Leaders Serve!

Growth: "Grow to lead, lead to grow". Always learning, keeping in touch with the industry through education and certification.

Life: Life is great. An amazing wife and two great boys to enjoy life with. New opportunities in a new role which is providing good challenges and the constant ability to learn and grow. Like to hit the trails (hiking, backpacking, or mountain biking) to see earth's natural beauty when possible.

Skills: Leadership, Operations Management, Attention to detail, Technical and Language Skills, Flexibility, Customer Relations, Financial Management & Strategies, Forecasting, Business Planning, Growth Expansion, Industry Expertise.


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